6 Effective tips to improve your product packaging

Well, most of you must have surely experienced that you tend to buy things more on the basis of their look even though cheaper options are available.

Do you have a manufacturing business or startup? If yes then you must use your own buying experience on the products manufactured by you. Product packaging acts as a game-changer for a business. Irrespective of what is the size of your business, good packaging helps small brands compete against large brands with ease.

Already tried several ideas to enhance your product packaging? Do not worry, here we have few effective tips that can help you lift up your product packaging game.

1. Analyse and stay updated about your target market

Make a list of your manufactured products and beside them mention what exactly is your target market. Whether the product is targeted predominantly for males or females, there are specific considerations that need to be made according to it.

Keep in mind what information your target market is going to see in your product and get compelled to buy it. About 72% of Americans say that their buying decisions are influenced by packaging. So, make sure you do your best to capitalize on it.

 In addition to it, the pattern of packaging might also be different depending on your target market.

2. Keep in mind the physical details of the product

Well, it is really important to look after the physical details of the product. Ensure that the packaging completely aligns with where the product is being sold and what is the product. For instance, items of glass or fluids might need extra protection because these follow under the category of delicate items.

A durable package or adding padding on the inside of the packaging helps protect the delicate items. Also, do not forget to consider the portability of the packaging, it must justify the shape of the product and where it will be sold.

3. Your product must speak on your behalf

You must surely have salesmen in your business to advertise and explain your product. But good packaging speaks for itself and does not need salespeople. The packaging supplies must clearly convey the product and must not have misleading content or graphics.

An accurate image of the product on the packaging is a good sign and is liked by the consumers. Product packaging not only tells you about the product but also about the value of your brand and product.

4. Must be easy to open

A complex packaging might just lead to too much confusion for the consumer while opening the product. There are chances of a consumer damaging the product entirely in the essence of confusion. This can ultimately lead to a bad image of the product as well as the brand.

A simple “tear here” tab or an “easy-twist cap” works just the best. For products that need extra security while opening it, you can surely go for putting directions on how to open it on the packaging itself.

5. Preview its image in front of the consumers in stores

Ensure that you have an eyesight of your target market while picturing your packaged product in the stores. Analyze whether your packaging is attractive enough to attract your target consumers. Check out the fonts which suit them best and are eye-catchy.

Color and design lifts up the entire packaging game and helps you stay ahead of the same products of different brands. An adaptive packaging design that fits easily within or between the channels in stores is a great work to the packaging.

6. Stick to eco-friendly while choosing the packaging material

We are all aware of the need to adopt eco-friendly methods. Well, make sure that you stick to eco-friendly materials while choosing the packaging material. Reusable or biodegradable materials must be chosen for your product packaging.

This not only acts as a contribution towards the environment but also sends a good brand image in front of the consumers. In addition to it, ensure that the material keeps up with the form, freshness, and overall quality of the product.

Over to you…

Now that you are aware of the most effective tips that can help you improve your product packaging, what are you waiting for? Give your product a complete makeover and stay ahead in the competition.