6 Essential Skincare Tips for Sensitive Skin with COSRX


Every skin type is challenging to handle depending on its extremities. They also require different treatments to help the skin be at its best. Sensitive skin can be perceived as one of the most challenging skin types to take care of because many beauty products can irritate the skin even if it claims to be non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin.

Having doubts before buying a beauty product is normal, especially if you are having a love-hate relationship with many skincare products in the market. You also need to know that you cannot consider your skin a sensitive one only because your skin gets irritated with some products. You also need to consider if your skin only gets irritated by certain ingredients or has a specific allergy.

To prevent you from having a tough and stressful time, we will provide you with six valuable tips for properly taking care of your sensitive skin. Check them out!

1. Do not self-diagnose

This first tip is the most crucial tip above anything else. As mentioned above, experiencing burning sensations and irritation from other products is not enough to consider your skin a sensitive one. Most dermatologists look for different signs before diagnosing, and it would be best to visit them to determine your skin type properly. You also have to know that some signs of irritation can be a symptom of a much serious skin condition.

2. Research the products you want to use

Having deep knowledge of the skincare products you like to purchase will only benefit your skin. Essentially, you would want to lean on gentle, natural products that will not irritate the skin. Many people with sensitive skin have shifted to Korean skin care as it is famous for its natural and gentle products.

Also, many Korean cosmetic companies like COSRX offer products specially formulated to fight different skin issues and handle different skin types. Looking for brands like these can help you find the perfect products for your skin, and most of them are even highly affordable.

3. Always apply sunscreens

Leaving your skin vulnerable from sun rays will damage your skin the most. Sunscreens are essential in keeping one’s skin healthy and protected no matter your skin type. Unfortunately, sun damage can worsen skin sensitivity, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. Even if you are only going outside for a short time, never forget to apply sunscreens.

Unfortunately, some sunscreens can irritate and clog pores which can result in acne breakouts. You should give COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream for your sensitive skin, as it can moisturize and protect your skin with SPF50 PA+++ while providing soothing benefits from its aloe content.

4. The type of cleanser you use matters

Many people do not give enough attention to the cleanser they use because they think it is not as essential as other skincare products. Unfortunately, cleansers play a massive role in your skincare routine’s effectiveness. Keep in mind that even well-known brands claiming to be providing gentle cleansers and other products can be misleading. For sensitive skin, the shorter ingredient list is always better.

5. Avoid using physical exfoliators

Having sensitive skin does not give you a fast pass on exfoliating. Exfoliation is a healthy way to keep our skin renewed and youthful, but every skin type is suitable for different exfoliants. We recommend you avoid using physical exfoliants like scrubs, as the granules can be too abrasive for sensitive skin. You might want to give chemical exfoliants a try like AHA and BHA to do the exfoliating for you.

You can also try exfoliating acid-infused products like COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner to provide your skin gentle exfoliation to keep your skin refreshed and renewed every day. This product can make your skin brighter without even noticing it.

6. Always do patch tests before using any product on your face

You can never be sure about a particular product, which is why patch tests are always recommended, even for other skin types. Some ingredients can react much later, and doing a patch test can help you determine which products irritate your skin without flipping your skincare table. However, you can always visit a dermatologist to make sure.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of sensitive skin can be challenging and stressful, especially if nothing seems to work on your skin. However, you can follow these tips and give yourself an easier time. Always remember to listen to your skin and not hesitate to seek professional help if you experience something extremely unusual.



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