6 Essential Tips to Choose the Best Chiropractic Table


Chiro tables are vital tools for chiropractors. It offers an ergonomic and stable workplace for a practitioner, while for the receiver, this provides a cushioned surface. Thus, it is vital to choose a good chiropractic table. Below are some tips that will help you make an informed decision.

Tips to Consider

1. Age of the Patient – You must consider the patient’s age This way, the selection process will become simpler. If you treat kids, choose a design likewise. A long table, in this case, will not be the right choice for the table’s various sections. If you treat adults, the table’s choice must be such that one is comfortable during the treatment. This is a costly investment. Thus you need to consider every component. Do not buy a chiropractic table without the checklist.

2. Overall Construction – When you purchase these tables see if it is welded fully or in specific spots. Again do not forget to check the fabric quality which covers the cushions of the table. Ensure that the cushion has sturdy stitches along the seams; else, you may have to repair or replace the fabric soon.

3. Check the Foam Density – Also, check the padding’s foam density above the table. When the table has multi-density foam, you can comfortably position the client and gain greater ease during chiropractic adjustments.

4. Planned Use – You must plan different usages of the table. This way, you will entertain more patients. If the design is for a particular use, you will need to make more investments to buy other treatment chairs and tables. You can also use this table as a massage table, with different sections. It helps in different procedures where the specialist will frequently change the patient’s position. So plan it likewise before you finalize the right chiro table.

5. Simple Cleaning – You should always get the table disinfected post each treatment. Generally, physicians have the practice to sterilize every tool used immediately after the therapy. You can easily clean the table as between two appointments you may not have much time. Ask the seller regarding the ideal cleaning solution type to be utilized for the quick sanitization process. Develop the practice to clean this at regular intervals through a professional. You must not have more expenses because of the need for frequent cleaning.

6. Weight Holding Capacity – The chiro treatment tables must be strong enough to accommodate the patient’s weight with different weights. So when you choose a table that is not durable enough, it will demand frequent repairs. Again you may fail to provide the treatment properly because of the surplus weight for the improper table selection. You need to invest the right time to analyze the table’s capacity to hold more weight, especially for massage treatment. This feature of a chiro table must not be compromised as this needs to accommodate the patient that face different issues. Make a personal visit to see the table, as this will help you in your selection process.

So next time you buy a chiropractic table, consider these tips as mentioned above, and you are good to go.

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