6 Furniture Ideas to Save Space

We all love having some extra space; we strive to make the most out of the available space we have by creatively positioning furniture around the room. With extra space, it makes it much easier to entertain, the room feels less cluttered, and your guests can move around freely without feeling they might tip over a verse or squeeze between furniture. If you are looking for ways to create more space, we have a few furniture ideas you could explore.

Furniture ideas to help save space

1. Get Extendable Tables

When you have family over, we tend to run out of space, especially at the dining table. Your home is used to maybe 3 or 4 people at a time but with a get together these numbers double, and to ensure everyone is comfortable extendable tables can be handy. These tables are designed with some removable extensions that are referred to as leaves, these help in adding more surface area, and when you don’t need all that extra space, you fold it up and store it away.

2.  A Wall Bed

You have come across these beds in either sitcom or as bed options for kids, so how about getting a few for your home. These easily fold away on the wall, which immediately clears floor space that can be used for something else when people are not sleeping. Therefore, the room can be a t.v or lounge room during the day, and in the evening, it is turned to a guest bedroom.

3. Built-in Storage Space

A bed can easily be multipurpose furniture in a room. You can enjoy a sturdy, large, comfortable bed while being able to store away some of your precious items. Get a bed that has built-in shelves; these can be designed around the bed’s frame. A perfect spot to store away your small items without taking up extra space in the house.

4. Some Stackable Chairs and Tables

Stackable tables can easily store away at the corner of the room, and when in need they can make three different coffee tables for your guests together with the chairs, and just like that your tea party is all set up. Take advantage of the height of your room, this way you use less floor space.

5. Some Nesting Seats and Tables

Another creative way of taking advantage of the space available is getting furniture that comes in different sizes which can easily be placed inside each other. Get chairs that can be stored away this way as it will make storage much easier for you.

6. Floating Storage Also a Thing

Floating furniture is also a favourite furniture piece for small spaces. Have some nice shelves or cubies to hold your decorations, this will help you store away your items while having the off the ground. Thus, your foot space does not get interfered and can use it for other things.


Maximising the current space, you have in a room is very possible, you just need to think outside the box and find creative ways to make use of what you have. Making rooms much larger and entertainment friendly is much easier thanks to the endless list of furniture you can explore, from the extendable tables, stackable chairs, to even a book-seat for your books.