6 Home Improvement Ideas To Make Your Backyard A Place For Hanging Out


As we get to the warmer months of the year, families are looking to increase spending time outside. Anyone looking to take advantage of outdoor space can invest in backyard improvements with different options ranging from affordable mood lighting to different luxury items. With the pandemic, the safest way for people to interact is by meeting outside where there is clean and free-flowing air. Therefore, many people are looking to upgrade their patios, decks, and backyards to increase functional living space.

Decks and backyards are excellent hangout places for friends and family, especially during the summer and fall months. You get to enjoy the open-air barbecues and lively conversations, which create lifelong memories. They are an excellent place for you to relax and unwind or entertain your guests. To make the most out of such spaces, you need to invest in various upgrades. This article covers the best backyard upgrades for every homeowner, regardless of your budget or the amount of space available.

1. The Deck

For most homeowners, decks were previously an afterthought when considering the value of their property. Homeowners liked having a deck on the property, but they didn’t make them a lot of money. Fast forward to the current real estate market, and a lot of things have changed. Decks have become an essential part of any residential property, and they can increase the return on investment by as much as 75%.

How do you achieve such figures? Ensure that the complexity, size, and cost of the deck complement the property’s overall value. For instance, it does not make any sense to install a luxurious deck in a small yard of a tiny home. It is advisable to have one unit deck to five units yard on your property.

2. Deck Awnings

Deck awnings offer an excellent opportunity for homeowners looking to protect the durability of their decks and provide shade from the scorching sun during summer. Like other types of awnings, backyard awnings are an excellent way of blocking sunshine from reaching the deck’s surface. With the perfectly chosen awnings, you can create a calm space for sitting and relaxing or entertaining your guests.

New Jersey offers some of the best summer weather across the United States, and deck awnings can help you make the most out of it. You can check out the inventory of an NJ based awning company function of the available options. Tectonics are available in different styles, materials, and colors so that you can find something suitable for your property.

You can also choose from manual or automatic variants. With the manual deck awnings, you have to move a lever to extend or retract the awning cover. Automatic deck awnings have electronic devices that automatically extend or retract the cover upon the push of a button. They also have manual override capabilities to make use of the awning even during power outages or develop problems with the motor. Depending on your preference, you can partially or fully extend awning covers.

3. Plant Trees

A backyard with no shade is a nightmare for homeowners and their guests. Move away from the traditional patio umbrella and opt for fast-growing trees such as poplars and softwood, and maples which provide a natural shade. Finding the right tree for the green space and knowing how to take care of it can be challenging. However, with a bit of research, you should have no trouble finding the ideal option for your backyard.

Planting trees is also a great way to add value to your property, especially with new homes and subdivisions deprived of greenery. Ideally, you should plant one or two trees upon moving in. When you decide to sell the property after 10 or 20 years, the trees will have matured. Always make sure you go for medium-sized trees and avoid huge trees that they overshadow the house. You can get more information on the best options from a nearby gardening center.

4. Construct a Swale

If you have to deal with a swampy backyard after a heavy downpour, building a Swale can offer a lasting solution. They are shallow trenches that slow down and soak up surplus water. You can use them to redirect the water into your garden so that it does not flood in your backyard. Swales have a particular purpose of serving in your backyard, but you do not have to leave them looking like bare dirt. You can use them as borders for raised beds or fill them with gravel to make your backyard more beautiful.

5. Upgrade Your Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture often costs a premium, and replacing them may not be affordable. You can consider repairing and revamping your current furniture set. If you have furniture made from metal, a wire brush can remove any coatings and flaking paint. You can complete the breaking process using rust removers. You can restore the life in your patio furniture by adding multiple layers of paint and primer in an exciting color.

You can also restore aged wicker furniture through some basic care practices. You can store natural fiber furniture sets inside the house and during harsh weather conditions to extend durability. You can also protect them from harsh weather elements by installing deck awnings. If you have older and worn pieces, you can freshen things up with a mixture of boiled linseed and turpentine, after which you can stay in with varnish or lacquer.

6. Switch Sod for Food

Switch Sod for Food

Instead of spending most of your summer mornings mowing grass in your backyard, you can change it for something that guarantees returns. You can grow hundreds of pounds of produce in your backyard every year without spending much of your time on garden work. If you do not have enough space for cultivation, you can use containers or take advantage of the vertical spaces on your property, such as the fences.

You can use springtime to get rid of weeds and fill up balding spots, so you have consistent greenery all over the yard area.

Your backyard can be an exciting area and an expansion of your living space. With the right upgrades from the best Denver patio contractors, you can create a great environment where you can host friends and entertain your family. It also makes for a great relaxation spot. Invest in the upgrades listed above and watch it become one of the most valuable and essential parts of your home.

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