6 Important Things Every RV Newbie Must Know – The Wandering RV Tips

Are you planning to take a big leap from your standard home living to a camper living and start a whole new life that you have always dreamt of living? Well, it might be good that you move not so fast. 

We know that you think now is finally the time to make your dream come true, but before you make such a big change in your life that would probably leave an impact forever, we will suggest you take a step back and ponder over it. 

Now, we certainly do not mean to bring any negative aspects about camper life here, but we will list down a few important things that you should consider and think about before going to buy a kirkland rv sales and shifting your possessions in it.

The things we will discuss are all based on practicality, which means there is no bias involved. After reading them, you will be able to make a completely neutral decision without any difficulty. 

The duration of RVing

The very first thing that you have to decide is how long you will be living in a camper. This is important because every other decision that will later require your attention massively depends on this decision. Whether you are deciding to adapt to RV lifestyle full time or it is just a temporary fling, everything is planned accordingly. 

For example, if you are planning to shift to camper life permanently, then you would definitely need a considerably big RV vehicle that can accommodate everything your house has. Because it is not something temporary, therefore you cannot afford a compact RV that will hinder your daily activities due to its lack of spaciousness.  If you want to learn more on RV’s, here is an information on  travel trailer extended warranty.

And, if you will need a big RV, you will have to save money accordingly. Because usually bigger and luxurious RVs are way more expensive than small ones. So, to be able to live conveniently forever in your camper, you will have to invest a significant amount which will undeniably alter the course of your plan.

The types of RV

There are so many different types of RVs in the market that sometimes it just gets extremely overwhelming to decide which one you should buy. The best way to overcome this is by doing extensive research about all the types. 

You might not be able to gather complete information about every single RV that exists but you would surely have plenty of data to make a good decision. 

If you are looking for a good source to read up on how many different types of RV there are and which one will serve you better, read The Wandering RV

Selecting a suitable RV park or campground

If you have plans to permanently transform your living into an RV lifestyle, then either before or after purchasing your rig, you will have to decide on the place you will be parking your RV forever and ever. 

If it is something temporary, then you must realize that settling in some new place is not easy and requires the working of many small to big things. For example, you would want your living place to be near to the grocery market, to your favorite restaurants, to your favorite spa, or near to other entertainment spots that you like. 

In short, before taking such a big leap, you must decide which RV park will suit your requirements better and have access to all the regular amenities that you would otherwise have when living in a standard static home. 

Then there will be some fee or rent involved for the location you will be occupying with your RV, you will also have to take care of that. You can get many good discount rates as well if you search tactfully. 

Accommodating to a smaller place

Almost one million people go wanderlusty and permanently start living in RVs, but that does not mean that this lifestyle does not come with challenges. 

If anything, there are by far more challenges involved than having any other lifestyle. The most annoying people face when they first shift to this lifestyle is accommodating to a much smaller place than their houses.  

If someone was living in, let’s say, a 2000 square feet house, they would find it extremely hard to maneuver through a space that can only be up to 400 or a maximum 500 square feet long.

Moreover, you can have all the luxuries of having a bathroom, master bedroom, and even a lounge in a wide trailer, but it still would not be the same as the roominess you have in your land-based house.  

But, despite all of this, people still opt for this living style, and that speaks volumes of how interesting and fun it is that people are willingly giving up the comfort of their houses for it. 

Downsizing your living space

Since no trailers offer such wide space where you can easily place every single possession of yours in the RV, therefore you will have to downsize your living space. You will have to start by discarding the things that you never use or rarely use. 

And, that will surely take up much of your time, so it will be wise to get on with this cleaning task as soon as possible after finalizing your RV purchase. 

Keep in mind that you will have to let go of some of your dearly held possessions in the process of downsizing, but then it is not such a big deal as long as you have all the basic necessities, a nice living space, and a chance to take your home anywhere you want.

Children friendly space

If you have a family and children, then you will have to to a bit of deeper analysis of the space you will be parking your RV on. 

Most of the time, these living parks do not come with children friendly environments but some do, so choose accordingly. 

Bottom line

There may be lots of perks to RVing, but you still have to be very careful to go about this whole process, especially when you have plans to RV forever. As long as you make conscious decisions, living this way won’t be any less than one passionate, mind-blowing, and convenient experience.