6 Important Things You Need to Know When Looking for Casual Sex

Casual sex used to be stigmatized. Now it’s celebrated and encouraged. Some studies have found that individuals report increased self-confidence and decreased depressive symptoms following casual sex. If you’re going to have casual sex, then you need to make sure that you are comfortable and safe so that you can enjoy these benefits. You also need to make sure that you take Tadalafil to be more satisfied without experiencing erectile dysfunction while having casual sex.

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In this article, we’ll explore six things that you need to know when you’re looking for casual sex:

Find the Right Person

When you’re having casual sex with a person, you need to be comfortable with them. Casual sex doesn’t mean that you don’t know the person, it just means that there are no strings attached. You should still find a person who you enjoy having sex with and who you feel safe with. 

You should avoid people with whom you are close friends and your colleagues at work because things can become very weird. Dating sites are a great way to make real sex contacts and form long-lasting sexual relationships. Make sure that you get to know a person before inviting them over to your house or a hotel to have sex.

Set Some Rules

When you’re having casual sex, you need to set some rules. You can do this by talking to the person and explaining to them what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not. You also need to make it clear that your relationship is purely sexual, and that you’ll see other people if you want to. You also need to discuss where you should meet, what times you should meet, and when it’s appropriate for them to contact you. 

You need to make it clear that if at any point you want to terminate your relationship with them, that they should respect that and shouldn’t pursue you or harass you.  You also need to set boundaries about what you are going to talk about


It’s very important that you feel safe whenever you’re having casual sex. If you’re not comfortable with a person then you mustn’t meet them or agree to have sex with them, even if you find them attractive. You also need to wear protection. Contraception will protect against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

In a purely sexual relationship, contraception is very important. If you or the other person were to fall pregnant, it would seriously complicate things. Safety is a very important part of any sexual relationship.

purely sexual relationship

Falling In Love

Whenever you’re having casual sex, it’s in your best interests to leave your emotions at the door. If you start to fall for the other person, it can complicate your relationship massively. It can also make the other person uncomfortable. As we mentioned previously, you need to discuss falling in love at the very beginning of your relationship. You both need to agree that if one person develops feelings, then your relationship has to stop and you mustn’t see each other anymore. This is to prevent either person from being hurt or from feeling uncomfortable.


As we mentioned in our first point, when you’re having casual sex with a person you need to outline when an appropriate time is to talk to each other. It’s perfectly fine to communicate intermittently throughout the week, but when you start talking to each other every single day, you can complicate your relationship. This is usually an indicator that one person is falling in love with the other. 

You also need to set boundaries about what you are going to talk about. This is to prevent a bond from forming. You should make it clear that you don’t want to hear about their personal life, their family, or their friends. If they’re experiencing emotional difficulty, you’re not the person that they should come to for comfort. Your relationship is purely sexual and nothing more. Try to contact each other as little as possible.


Just because you’re having sex with one person, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have sex with other people. That’s the beauty of casual sex. You’re not bound by the same constraints that bind people in emotional relationships. 

You don’t have to tell your sexual partners that you’re having sex with other people, although it is recommended so that you’re both on the same page from the very beginning. If you’re going to have sex with multiple people at once, then contraception is very important. If you have one sexual partner and you both agree to have unprotected sex, that’s fine. If you have more than one sexual partner, you risk passing around sexually transmitted diseases.

If you’re going to have casual sex, then make sure you take everything in this article into consideration. It’s in your best interests to do so. Make sure you’re safe, wear protection, and don’t meet anyone you’re not comfortable with. Have fun!