6 Indica marijuana strains for maximum relaxation

Marijuana does not only develop in us those impulses of frenzy and imbalance. In fact, within the legal trade of the plant, some strains make us enter a deep state of relaxation, which is convenient for those who work all day long and are looking for some substance to get more rest.

In that case, the Indica marijuana, which flowers in less time than sativas, is the ideal type for us to enjoy the last hours of the day, without worrying about anything else. In the Weed Club Barcelona, you can find these 6 varieties of Indica marijuana.

1. Purple Afghan Kush

Being a Kush-type variety, it is to be expected that its aroma and flavor will be unforgettable for the senses. However, unlike other Kush variants, this plant has fruity undertones that make it even more pleasant to consume. This one is born from the Indica variant, Bubba Kush.

The leaves of the plant are distinguished by a dark color, indefinable and pleasant to see. It is very robust and contains many leaves on its short stem, so it is ideal for planting in a small garden. In addition to its appearance, it gives off an exquisite aroma: fruity, with notes of pineapples that complement the Kush.

The effects of this enigmatic variety range from physical relaxation to long-term mental relaxation.

2. Shark Attack

It comes from the parity between the Indica White Widow and Super Skunk. The result of this combination is a spectacular plant, robust and with voluminous buds.

Its smell and taste are defined as the cannabis of the 90’s Holland. Its consumption will make you enter a state of pleasant and revitalizing relaxation.

3. OG Kush

Indica variety of American origin that stands out for the width and robustness of its leaves, unique. Being of Kush type, it is to be expected to give off Kushy aromas that are not easy to forget, even after the effects of pleasure and relaxation. In its notes, we find lemon, tropical fruits, and oil.

Its consumption will bring as a result a dense wave of sensations, which will plunge you into deep relaxation.

4. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush may seem harmless, as it is a small bush with discreet leaves that can even go unnoticed. However, it is quite the opposite. In these small buds hides an aromatic explosion with Kush scents and nuances that remain on the palate for a long time.

This Indica fantasy begins with citrus notes that, from that moment, already make you enter a deep state of relaxation that will make you forget any problem that has happened during the day. Then, you will feel the nuances of oil, earth, and coffee. A combination that might sound absurd, but it is exquisite, unique, and long-lasting. This is the caviar of the Kush family.

5. California Hash Plant

With a peculiar appearance and leafy foliage, California Hash Plant contains a large amount of resin, which makes it suitable for extractions with different methods.

It is an Indica variety that flowers easily and quickly, it is also very easy to grow and it is preferable to do it in a medium-sized garden, as it is very leafy. One of its special qualities is its high water resistance.

What we get in its aroma are exquisite nuances of earth and Afghan hashish. This combination will plunge you into the deepest sleep that, when you wake up, you will feel that you slept in the clouds.

6. Remo Chemo

The most particular and special variant, as it is born from a species developed by the University of British Columbia and a male Bubba Kush. Its hybrid and peculiar nature have allowed it to develop as a true cannabis masterpiece.

Its appearance is exotic, attractive, full of colors that contrast and, at the same time, complement each other. It has branches full of buds and at the ends, it has violet tones that attack the foliage.

The aroma it gives off is an intense Kushy smell, given its nature. Notes of oil, black pepper, and earth are also distinguished.

Its consumption will allow you to reach a powerful relaxation effect, with 24% THC. It is even used for some therapeutic treatments.

To Sum Up

While looking for a fine strain to relax, Indica strains are usually the most looked for. Yet, if you have some extra knowledge you may get in your hands some fine recreative weed.

The OG Kush is a famous strain that has been recommended for year to take before a relaxing bath or watching movies. On the other hand, Shark Attack is a strain that mixes good textures with a low “high” feeling, making it great for having long conversations with a friend or your partner.