6 Innovations that Made Cleaning Our Home Easier


Remember when you were a kid watching a futuristic animated movie with self-cleaning devices in their smart home or robotic vacuums and thought, wow, I can’t wait to have a smart home like that? Then adulthood rolls by, and you find yourself wasting your weekends on the heap of chores you’ve been piling up all week long. Well, it doesn’t exactly have to be that way; you can have the free time you need by choosing the right cleaning device.

It’s no brainer that technology has made our lives easier, cleaning is one major aspect where technology got creative. Thankfully, cleaning innovations were created to facilitate the cleaning process and the keyword here would be robotic and automated. These cleaning tools will dust and mop and do what you would normally do in less time. These gadgets are sleek, efficient and practical enough to allow you some downtime. Below are 6 of the most innovative cleaning gadgets that will make your chores stress-free.

1. Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuums are the future, and they’ve been making waves in the market for the past few years. These highly functioning feisty little gadgets will roam around your home collecting dust effortlessly. Their suction powers are flawless, resulting in dust-free floors. They also avoid any obstacles in their way. Thanks to pioneered laser technology, the robot vacuum can scan its surroundings and map out its path. Many of these vacuums are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can control their functions through your phone. There are currently two leading brands dominating the market, but many others have recently boomed. If you’re stuck between choosing amongst several brands, this site https://homevacuumzone.com/neato-vs-roomba-best-robot-vacuum/   reviews and compares two brands and their models in terms of efficiency, price and smart capabilities. This could help you decide which one is right for you.

2. Automated Mops and window cleaners

Like the robotic vacuum, the automated or robotic mop can zoom across your floors cleaning the thickest of stains. All you have to do is fill it up with water, attach the pad suitable to your floor and let it roam wild. With three cleaning methods, the robotic mop will save you so much effort lugging around the traditional mop and water bucket. It can even reach those difficult areas under a sink or toilet. Another fantastic robotic cleaning device, is the window cleaner. Forget the ladder and the window wiper, this gadget will cover the entire space of your windows with you just controlling its movements from a remote. It has washable microfiber pads that scrubs dust, stains and dirt.

3. Dual-load washing machines

If you come from a big family and your laundry room looks like a retail shop storage unit, or even if you’re just pressed for time and want to get a lot of laundry done, then this helpful washing machine is for you. The dual-load washing machine comes with two loading doors and two separate washing units that caters to different sized laundry loads simultaneously. Usually, the top load is for the bulky items and the bottom one is for the lighter and more delicate loads. It also has smart functions by allowing you to watch its washing progress through your smartphone. It’s time efficient and energy saving as well as it can turbo-wash both loads in half the time normal washing machines do.

4. Electric scrubbers

This handheld electric scrubber is heaven sent! Forget about the days of waxing on and waxing off till your arm muscles are sore, this nifty gadget will do all the scrubbing for you. Think electric toothbrush, but for your stove or bathroom wall. The scrubber comes with a variety of brushes fitting any surface you want to clean. Apply soap and guide it through the toughest stains.

5. Microfiber cloths

You might think that dusting off your coffee table with an old cotton T-shirt is enough. However, microfiber cloths, as opposed to cotton, are much more efficient, highly absorbent and saves you cleaning time. Due to its fine synthetic fiber, the microfiber cloth can easily absorb and pick up anything from dust to grime and liquid messes as it absorbs around seven times its weight in water.

6. Self-cleaning Toilet system

This easy to install kit is a life saver if you hate scrubbing toilets, (which we’re guessing you do). Unlike other cleaning solutions, this will not stain your toilet. The cleaning cartridge is installed inside your tank, releasing disinfectant into the overflow tube of the flush valve directly. This way, it doesn’t ruin the toilet’s septic system. Each cartridge lasts about 4 months with efficient self-cleaning of your toilet bowl. Flush and say goodbye to manually scrubbing your toilet!

Sit back and relax 

Today’s technology isn’t just about organizing your day or tracking your fitness, it’s about making your life easier in general. Cleaning devices and innovations are continuously created to make the process of cleaning easier. Claim back your chore-filled weekends by using one or two of these cleaning innovations and relax, they’ve got your back.



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