6 Insane Ways Celebrities Spend Their Money


When you’re a celebrity, money is no object. How would you spend millions? Keep reading for 6 insane ways celebrities spend their money on.

If you were filthy rich, what would you spend your dough on?

Of course, we all know that the average celeb spends their money on fancy cars and luxurious housing, along with extravagant clothing and lavish vacations too. But some celebrities are so filthy rich, they spend a lot of money on crazy ridiculous items.

From golden yoga pants to first class seats for their favorite hat, some celebrity expenses are downright wacky.

Read on for some of the most insane ways to spend money and the wild price tags that go with them.

1. A Fighter’s Golden Bathtub

Mike Tyson is famous for being a big spender. Over the years he’s made headlines by spending money on Bengal tigers for pets and hundreds of vehicles.

But he doesn’t keep his celebrity expenses to himself. When he married his first wife Robin Givens, he generously bought her a gold bathtub for Christmas. Yes, a 24-carat gold bathtub worth $2 million dollars!

2. Yoga Pants for Bey

Mike Tyson isn’t the only celeb loving gold. As part of a 2007 performance, Beyonce decided to spend a lot of money on a pair of yoga pants. The $100,000 pair of shiny leggings embellished with scales of gold were literally worth their weight in gold!

Her extravagant purchases don’t stop at clothing. Her daughter, Blue Ivy, has her own $5,200 pink Swarovski encrusted bathtub.

Seriously, what is it about celebrities wanting to bathe in style?

3. Katy Perry’s Space Age Gift

What gift can you buy for someone who already has it all? Katy Perry gifted her then-husband, Russell Brand, a $200,000 ticket to space. The galactic mission included travel to the atmosphere 3 times the speed of sound and floating weightlessly.

This amazing gift is the best way to spend money for someone who’s already traveled the world. Unfortunately, it couldn’t have been too great of a trip, as they divorced not so long after.

4. Jurassic World for Nicolas Cage

From castles and islands to octopuses, Nicolas Cage is always finding new and insane ways to spend money. In 2007, he bought a 67-million-year-old T-Rex skull. And it cost him a whopping $270,000.

He almost missed the boat, as Leonardo DiCaprio was bidding for it too!

5. Bonos’ First Class Headgear

Bono, the lead singer from U2, won’t go anywhere without his signature hat. But one time he accidentally left it at home when traveling to a charity concert in Italy.

Instead of letting it go, he arranged to have the hat shipped over in its own first-class seat. He only paid $1,500 dollars for it.

6. The Paris Pooch Hotel

Paris Hilton is well-known for spending money on lavish items. She’s got the bank account to pay for it, after all, but driving around in a pink Bentley wasn’t enough.

She commissioned a mini mansion for her pet pooches, complete with air conditioning, crystal chandeliers, and crown molding. She spent no less than $325,000 on the fully-furnished “dog house”.

Of course, for most, spending your money on something insane like a mansion for your dog is an absolute no go. Sometimes even the basic things in life can get you into debt. Click on the link to find out some great info about personal loans no credit check.

Celebrities and their Ridonkulous Spending!

It’s clear to see that these celebrities are so rich that they’ve run out of reasonable ways to spend their money.

But how much does the average celeb actually earn? How much has your favorite celebrity made from their career? Take a look at our blog and the results might surprise you!

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