Birthday will always be something special. It might not technically make much of a difference in our lives, but emotionally it has a huge impact. It is a reminder of the time we have spent on earth and all the hardships and lovable moments we went through.

Unfortunately, most people just throw a party for their friends and call it a day. That might be fine ways for some but there are just so many more interesting things to do on your birthday. Many other ways you could make much better use of that time that only comes once every year.

So, here are 6 interesting things to do on your birthday that will unquestionably engrave that day in your memory forever!

1. Visit some of your childhood memories

Nostalgia is a strong feeling. Not only can it make you reminisce about the things of your past that you dearly miss, but it can also help you see things in a different way by combining your world right now with the world you used to live in when you were younger.

It is indeed a great feeling and one everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime. And what better time to do it than on your own birthday? Forget the party. Take your friends along if you wish and go visit some of your favorite places from your childhood so that you can relive those magical moments once again.

It will be the most special birthday you will have celebrated as you will begin to see a clear difference in yourself and your lifestyle from then to right now, which in turn would likely trigger another change, opening the possibility to a whole new phase.

2. Enroll for a flying lesson

Birthday gifts are nice and show you how much your loved one’s care for you. Why not show some of that yourself in the form of a flying lesson? This would be a fantastic gift that you can give yourself which would not only teach you a new skill but also show a whole other experience that you will rarely or never get in your life.

Flying lessons are relatively cheap and might even save some lives if it really comes to that. Even without going to the extreme, it’s a very useful skill to have and will give you all the bragging rights in the world with your friends.

3. Adopt a pet

Deciding to have a pet is a pretty big commitment. It is going to be a part of your family and hence it’s wellbeing is your responsibility. But there are few things that can show love on the same level as a good pet once you form a bond with it.

If it works out, and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t, this would very quickly turn out to be the best birthday gift you’ve ever received. It’s going to stay with you for a long time and unlike most gifts that you might get on a birthday, this is something that can give you actual company and interact with you.

4. Host a private movie party

Some of the best bonding experiences with friends happen when you share the excitement for the same thing. Having your closest friends over and spending the day just watching your favorite shows or movies while laughing to your hearts content could sometimes be the best day you could ever ask for.

Nothing fancy, nothing over the top creative; just you and a couple of friends sitting in front of a screen with good food and having a good time. Now that would be a satisfying day.

5. Get a tattoo

I’m sure we’ve all contemplated weather getting a tattoo is the right decision and for the most part the only thing stopping us is the fear that it’s permanent, what if we don’t like it later? This is the time to let go of that fear and take a leap of faith. Choose something that has some relevance and meaning from your life and just go for it. You will slowly accept it as a part of your body and even if you’re a bit nervous in the beginning, you will be proud of it eventually.  Make sure you choose a shop with the best rotary tattoo machines as well.

6. Donate to an NGO

There are plenty of kids or even adults across the globe who could barely afford regular food let alone something special for their birthday. So, use your special day to spread your happiness further and make sure at least one other person somewhere in the world has a better life than he did yesterday because of you.

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