6 Kitchen Cabinet Styles That You Should Know Before Renovating


Choosing a Kitchen cabinet style for your next kitchen renovation can be tricky, but whether you’re shopping for online kitchen cabinets fully assembled, or looking for a customized option, there are several considerations that you should keep in mind. There is an array of cabinet styles and designs, so it is possible to find the exact collection that will match your specific needs and desired aesthetics. How can you make up your mind regarding the right choice for you when there are so many options on the market? Here are 6 kitchen cabinet styles that you should know before renovating.

1. Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard, also called tongue-and-groove, refers to a type of construction that is detailed and textured, featuring vertical slats that are fitted into each other. Created in a number of finishes and a range of widths, beadboard cabinets often have a relaxed, cottage-style appearance that combines with Scandinavian overtones, creating an element of warmth. There are different variations of beadboard cabinets, such as those with a beadboard panel that is set in a stile-and-rail frame. The grooves of beadboard cabinets can collect dirt and grease, which may make cleaning tedious. There are beautiful RTA kitchen cabinets online that features the beadboard design.

2. Glass-Front Cabinets

For cabinets that showcase your dinnerware and other beautiful items in your cabinet, go with glass-front cabinets. Whether it’s your special set of teacups, or your exquisite ceramics or Chinas, a glass-front cabinet will artfully show them off. The reflection of glass-front cabinets helps to brighten up a poorly lit kitchen space. Besides highlighting your displays, glass-front cabinets will also protect them from dust and other external elements. Add glass backsplash tile to your glass-front cabinets.They are very beautiful and will make the kitchen feel more open, brighter and larger. Glass tiles are available in a shape, size and color to suit any style and design theme.

3. Shaker-Style Cabinets

If you are looking for a classic that is still a popular choice in many of today’s kitchens, then Shaker-style cabinets are the traditional style to add to your kitchen. With an emphasis on minimalist design, Shaker-style cabinets have a distinct design, typically featuring segments with vertical stiles, horizontal rails on the top and bottom, and a recessed panel. These classic style cabinets are versatile and can be included in a number of kitchens, from transitional kitchens to farmhouse kitchens. You can shop Shaker kitchen cabinets online and explore the many selections available.  You can even check out great kitchen cupboard doors as well.

4. Flat-Front Cabinets

Flat-front cabinets feature slab doors(flat-front doors) that are solid and lack framing, like panels.

The modern or contemporary kitchen is ideal for this type of simple, minimalist-looking cabinet. Flat-front cabinets are easy to clean and refinish, and suited to highlight kitchen cabinet hardware, including knobs, drawer pulls. Their simplicity in design makes them an affordable option. Staining or painting the wood can easily add interest to these cabinets that are often stark.

5. Unfinished Wood Cabinets

Unfinished wood cabinets may not seem like the best option to install in a kitchen, but they are great for the informal, summer-cottage kitchen design. Natural, unfinished wood cabinets are an affordable option. To prevent grease and moisture from penetrating the wood, it’s best to choose cabinets with a flat varnish to protect it, and also highlight its beauty and keep it natural-looking.

6. Plywood Cabinets

Plywood has an unexpected appeal, which is partly why many cabinets are made of plywood, both the front and interior. It’s also functional and quite beautiful, evident in its organic and warm quality, which allows plywood cabinets to make a kitchen space cozy and inviting. Plywood cabinets are strong and durable, and a clear finish to your cabinets will highlight the natural grain of plywood, enhancing its appeal. Ensure that you select cabinets that are made from good-quality plywood when you’re shopping for the best kitchen cabinets online.

Consider the quality of the wood, the finish, and the style of the cabinet if the cost is a serious factor for you. You want kitchen cabinets that are functional and appealing at the same time. You know your style and what you are trying to achieve with your kitchen design, if you have questions, seek the help of cabinet professionals who can help you make the right choice in cabinet selection.

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