6 Less Known Uses Of Binoculars


You must know very well that binoculars are ideal for watching objects that are far away, such as when you are embarked on an outdoor adventure, and you want to bring the mountains even closer or observe a brightly colored bird. However, binoculars are used in many various ways you already know, and some you might not even be aware of. Mileseey laser rangefinder binoculars are an excellent accessory for your outdoor adventure.


While there are models that cater mainly to astronomy enthusiasts, let’s admit it; binoculars are not the first thing that comes to mind when someone is thinking about observing celestial objects in the night sky. A telescope is better known as the tool of choice for many, which is why you might be surprised to learn that binoculars can be used by amateur astronomers, too.

Of course, you can’t expect your binoculars to do the same good job as a telescope. Instead, they do help you observe the largest celestial bodies, and can serve as a replacement when portability is of the essence.

Range finding

It takes a unique pair to be used for this purpose, as the binoculars in question should have a reticle superimposed over the lenses. However, it is good for you to know that they exist and that they can be used for marine applications in particular.

There is a bit of math involved, which is the second thing you must know about these binoculars. You should be aware of the height of the object observed so that the scale showed on the binoculars lets you run the calculations needed for appreciating the distance between you and your target.  Be sure to check out the best long range binoculars.

Watching opera

If you are familiar with the idea of wearing some kind of optics gear for watching opera or a theatrical performance, you might not be just as familiar with the concept of using binoculars for such a purpose. But you should know that the somewhat fancy looking models people use at the theater are still binoculars.

As the halls where such events are held can be quite large, someone located at a fair distance from the stage might not be able to enjoy the show as much as desired so some good binoculars from Bushnell can help them achieve that. Moderate magnification is required, and there’s quite a lot of attention paid to how the binoculars look like.


The first thought that might pop into your head when you’re thinking about surveillance is high tech equipment worthy of James Bond. It is true that personnel specialized in surveillance does need top quality gear, but a sturdy pair of night vision binoculars is all such people need most of the time.

Don’t forget that surveillance is pretty much routine and that means that not every task requires the use of a sophisticated system. That’s when a pair of binoculars, as mundane as that may sound, comes into play.

Use them as a zoom lens for your smartphone

When you’re in the wild, and you have just noticed a bird or an insect that you want to share with your friends, here’s a way to use your binoculars together with your smartphone that will help you snatch that perfect picture.

Use the binoculars as a zoom lens for your smartphone. You can make the two work together, as the image seen through the binoculars can be captured with the help of your phone. Some adjustments are needed so that the binoculars are brought into focus and you can use the camera on your smartphone to take the picture.

To start a fire

This may sound farfetched, but in certain situations, you need to be inventive. In case you must start a fire, and you don’t have matches, you can disassemble your binoculars and use the lenses inside to capture sunlight and have some dry grass catch on fire.


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