6 Master’s Degrees That Can Land You High-Paying Jobs


A master’s degree is essentially an extension of your education, providing you with deeper insight into your field of study. Most of them are 36 to 54 semester hours in length, which is roughly between a year and a year and a half.

However, whether a master’s degree is worth your time and effort or not depends on various factors. You should design your career around jobs that will be competitive for at least 20 or 30 years to come. In addition, you should avoid careers that are likely to be replaced by robotics or AI development.

In this article, we will walk you through the six best master’s degrees that pay well by getting you high-yielding jobs. Depending on your bachelor’s degree and interests, you can choose the one that suits you the most.

Masters in Business Administration:

Average National Salary: Around $180,000

A Master’s degree in Business Administration can land you a high-paying job as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Though the median annual income is around $180,000, you can earn millions with incentives, bonuses, and compensations.

Typically, a CEO who runs a large and profitable business makes more money. Some of the world’s largest companies, such as Facebook, have CEOs who earn more than four million dollars per year.

The best part about an MBA is that you can get a job as soon as you complete graduation and continue higher studies with online education as per your schedule. Unlike some other fields, an online MBA degree has the same worth as the onsite one. For example, an online MBA Degree in Management Leadership has 33 credit hours, the same as the on-campus degree.

MSc. In Nurse Anesthesia (MSNA)

Average National Salary: Around $ 150,000

Nurse anesthetists who have a Master’s Degree in Nurse Anesthesia are some of the highest-paid nurses. The primary responsibility of anesthesiologists is to administer sedation to patients before and after surgical procedures. However, they also provide pain management services and emergency room services. CRNAs with advanced experience are also accountable for evaluating patients post-surgery.

The MSNA program typically takes between 24 and 36 months to complete and requires a valid registered nurse license. To become a CRNA, you will also need to pass a national certification exam and have at least one year of experience in an intensive-care setting, such as a surgical ICU or NICU.

MSc in Database Administrator (DBA):

Average National Salary: Around $96,000

The current technology boom has created plenty of opportunities for those with a Master’s Degree in Database Administration to work for some of the largest companies. Computer security, computer games, databases, and robotics are just a few areas in which students develop applications.

Database administrators (DBAs) are the gatekeeper of electronic information. They ensure that data is safe, organized, and stored properly.

Metadata includes sensitive information such as personal information or financial and marketing records. DBAs work with data analysts to ensure that they can easily use and access data and strategize plans for creating databases to secure appropriate information. Additionally, they are responsible for analyzing user needs and developing solutions to meet those needs, implementing security plans and measures, maintaining database integrity, and planning for natural disasters and cyber-attacks.

MSc in Economics:

Average National Salary: Around $ 90,000

The Master of Science in Economics provides students with a solid foundation in economic theories such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, economic forecasting, and computational economics. You may specialize in a particular industry’s finances, become a macro or microeconomist, or work as an industrial economist. Alternatively, you can earn an MBA in economics if you want to study industries, marketing, trade, and investments.

Masters in Genetic Counseling:

Average National Salary: Around $85000

Master’s degrees in genetic counseling and genetics offer the best-paying jobs globally. Their primary subjects include biochemistry, genetic engineering, and nuclear biosciences. However, they are also adept in public health, epidemiology, and developmental biology.

A genetic counselor’s main job is to analyze genetic information to identify people or families at high risk of genetic disorders. They counsel families about such risks and provide information to healthcare providers. Additionally, they provide patients with options for testing. Genetic counselors in the research field develop clinical reports and studies, playing an important role in trial studies and exploring treatment options.

Masters in Urban Planning and Architecture:

Average National Salary: Around $75,000

Urban and City Planning has always remained a career in demand. Planning can take many forms, including expanding a community’s infrastructure, improving its facilities, or creating a brand-new community.

There are different jobs, depending on the master’s degree you are pursuing. For example, a Master’s in City Planning will get you a job as a City Planner or Community Developer. Similarly, if you pursue a Master’s in Urban or Landscape planning, you are most likely to end up with a job as an Urban or Regional Planner.

However, you need strong analytical skills to interpret market research, environmental impact studies, and census data. You may also need to be skilled at decision-making and communicating to formulate and implement land-use strategies.

Final Thoughts:

Pursuing master’s degrees that pay the most will give you the financial and professional rewards you deserve. It will not only make you an expert in a particular field but will also ensure a handsome salary with a reputable position.

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