6 Photo Booth New York Option That’ll Make Your Event Memorable


In the past few years, having a photo booth has almost become a default for most events. Everyone loves them, so event organizers like having them around. Since it’s very popular, a lot of companies have introduced unique experiences to spice up your next social gatherings. So, there’s been an explosion of photo booth options to the point that it’s become overwhelming.

But contacting every photo booth company around your area can be quite challenging and take a lot of time. To make things easier for you, this blog lists down some options and the best photo booth company New York option if you live in the area. Here are six of the best photo booth options for your next event.

1.  Open-air Photo Booth

This type of photo booth is perfect for almost all events compared to the other popular photo booth rental Brooklyn residents love — the enclosed booth. An open-air photo booth is better because:

  • It gives a better party atmosphere by letting your guests interact with each other and have fun
  • It can have room for larger groups
  • It occupies less space giving you more room to add tables
  • It is far cheaper and easier to set up compared to enclosed booths.

Aside from the reasons listed above, open-air booths also come in a wide variety of designs. Some look basic, involving only a camera, laptop, and printer. While some are very sleek and have sophisticated machines that won’t look out of place in any luxury fashion brand’s shop.

2.  Classic/Enclosed Photo Booth

The classic photo booth is the most common and popular type of photo booth. Its functionality is also very basic where your guests will take photos with their friends and either print it out or send a copy for themselves through email. The photos produced by this photo booth are often in 4R size.

Classic Enclosed Photo Booth


Classic photo booths are also one of the best options for formal events such as trade shows, roadshows, and conferences. It’s also very approachable for your guests since it offers a familiar experience and they know what to do and expect. They can also be themselves since these types of booths provide privacy, so they can do crazy poses without everyone knowing.

This is also one of the best wedding photo booth ideas that this blog can suggest since all of your guests can have a memorable memento from your special day.

3.  GIF Photo Booth

GIF booths are very trendy and have been one of the most sought-after party additions by millennials and Gen Z guests. Since Instagram introduced the feature called “Boomerang,” taking goofy and personalized GIF photos has been all the rage. So, this type of photo booth is almost as common as classic ones because of its huge popularity.

GIF photos can be captured in two ways:

  • Through capturing several images and then combining them into a GIF
  • By taking a Boomerang clip, a looping video instead of a GIF

Boomerang clips are fun to capture and can be a very interactive experience. To capture the best clips, your guests need to make exaggerated movements or dance in front of the camera. It can produce very goofy moments and lighten up the atmosphere of your event. So, if you are in the area and you want the best GIF photo booth New York option, you should contact Studio Z and make an appointment.

4.  Magic Mirror Photo Booth

A magic mirror photo booth is one that is disguised as a full-length mirror. Different brands have slightly different designs and some can have very elegant wooden frames while others are ultra-modern and sleek. Even though they look different, they work very similarly to classic photo booths.

Your guests only need to touch the mirror and take a selfie, giving them a choice whether to take a photo or just look at themselves in the mirror. After capturing the photo, they can opt to receive it in their email or phone number for a digital copy. Like classic photo booths, most printouts are in 4R size.

5.  180-Degree Photo Booth

Also called by some people as the matrix or bullet-time photo booth, this type of photo booth brings a very unique, cinematic experience to your event. So, how are these stunning photos made?

By using multiple cameras arranged in a semicircle, it enables each of them to take a photo at slightly varying angles. These photos are then combined to create a GIF that preserves the depth and motion giving your guests a very action-packed photo. This kind of experience will surely stick with your guests’ memories, especially if it’s their first time to take such amazing photos.

Although the photos produced by photo booth company New York has today is very cool, it can occupy a large space in your venue. So, it can be quite difficult to make room for it if you’re planning an event in a smaller venue. It’s also a bit pricier to rent since it needs special equipment and an experienced crew to operate it. But if you want to offer a unique experience to your guests, Studio Z is the best 180-degree photo booth company New York event organizers prefer.

6.  Retro Photo Booth

If you’re planning an event with a more retro or rustic theme, this is the photo booth for you. Retro photo booths add a bit of nostalgia because of their wooden design and chic looks. So, they’re great for any type of party.

Since their main feature is their design, you should inquire about the quality of their photos before renting one. Also, they function very similarly to classic photo booths, so your guests can figure them out easily. Still, some models double as slow-motion video booths or GIF photo booths.


After reading this list, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of options that you can go for your next event. But it’s not! It’s great news for you as a customer since you can craft the particular experience that you want your guests to experience. Not only are there a lot of unique options but there’s always a photo booth that will fit your budget.

Are you still not sure which type of photo booth you should get for your event? You should try talking to the experts or visit our blog.

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