6 Reasons to Hire a Band for Your Wedding Day


A couple’s wedding day is arguably the most important occasion in their life as they celebrate their relationship with friends and family. “Putting a ring on it,” so to speak, is a time-honored tradition that dates back centuries and is a way of bringing a new love story into society and making it official.

If you are getting married and also plan to have a wedding reception, then you’re probably eager to give your guests a day they will never forget. While wedding receptions sometimes go completely berserk and end up being ostentatious displays of crude materialism, you can still have a lovely wedding without a lot of bells and whistles. Mostly you just need good food and entertainment. Hiring a band is the best way to ensure everyone has fun and brings only positive vibes to your wedding day. Here are a few reasons to look into hiring a wedding band if you’re a bit on the fence.

Alleviate the Awkwardness

Listen, unquestionably, your friends and family are super happy for you and are honored to be there on your special day. At the same time, you can’t blame people for feeling a bit bored or just plain awkward sometimes. Weddings can be rough, especially big ones where no one really knows each other. So, you want to make sure you implement fun ways of breaking the ice and that your guests have a blast. The most surefire way of doing this is getting a band to raise everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm levels.

Wedding Band Vs. DJ

You might be thinking: a DJ is good enough and heck, I could even get our neighbor’s nephew to put together a playlist. Sure, that could be a serviceable solution. But truthfully, a great live band will bring tons of energy to your party, one who can’t be replicated by an MP3 list and speakers. The live aspect of actual people playing and singing everyone’s favorite dance songs is intensely visual and brings a sense of spontaneity that is just contagious. They will have your guests dancing in no time.

Create Wonderful Memories

Yes, wedding ceremonies can be beautiful and everything, but more often than not, people will remember the entertainment. A fun, high energy band will have guests talking about the event long after. There are tons of great choices out there, and getting the right band to go to bat for you will ensure that not only will everyone have fun, but you will be receiving compliments left and right for how wonderful your wedding has been. Getting married feels great, but arguably, knowing that you provided guests with a wonderful memory is even better.

A Spontaneous Song List

While the wedding DJ will dutifully play all the great dance songs around, it’s usually better to get a band to add some improvisation and an element of surprise that can be missing from most wedding celebrations. A good band will have a mixed setlist of popular dance hits, covers of classic love songs, and a few other tricks up their sleeve. They can also take requests from you and study certain songs ahead of time so that you have an eclectic mix of genres ready for your guests on the big day. It’s great to wear out all those beloved classic dance songs or to even bring some of the top 40 into your wedding – but hiring a band will also guarantee that you can add a more personal touch to the music.

Get People Dancing

It can sometimes be easier for guests to tune out background music while at the reception hall and carry on eating, drinking, and staring awkwardly at each other if no one is there to actually encourage them to hit the dance floor. However, hiring a good band will actually encourage people to loosen up and dance without things feeling forced or irritating. Also, once you allow some freedom for the band to choose songs of their own as opposed to being burdened with a strict setlist – then things can feel more fluid and relaxed. Which would also encourage your guests to get up and have a good time.

At the end of the day, live music helps to set a tone and mood that will undoubtedly be remembered by you and everyone who attends the reception for years to come. You’re also setting the stage for your future, and no other way signals optimism and happiness more than a live band encouraging everyone to celebrate your union.

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