6 Reasons why Citation of Sources is Important when Writing

A detailed article exploring the importance of citation of sources when writing and why it is imperative to adopt this culture into all your academic papers. 

Academic writing is not for the faint of heart! This is a process that requires a tremendous amount of dedication and commitment and can take up a considerable part of your time as a student. Not only do you need to spend many hours conducting research that is relevant to your topic, but you also need the skills to write excitingly and convincingly and in a way that will grab the attention of your audience. Additionally, you need to learn the many components that make up an excellent academic paper like the thesis statement and use them to your advantage. To make your work presentable and more comfortable to read for the audience, you also need to create organized paragraphs that clearly show your main idea. Then comes another very important part in the writing process, citing of sources. TO the amateur writer, it may seem irrelevant to cite all the sources that you use in papers, but you should never make the mistake of not citing. In this article, we explore six reasons why the citation of your sources is critical when you are conducting your writing.

As a student or a writer, citing your sources is considered as very important since it is a clear indication that you spent a good percentage of your time conducting relevant research. Prior to offering your own perspective on a given topic, it is always important to carry out detailed research in a bid to learn what previous writers had to say about the subject. When you do this, you are able to approach a given problem from an informed point of view which in turn helps you to create a plausible solution to a given problem. Failure to conduct research weakens your solution and creates a huge probability that your proposed solution has been tested by other researchers in the past and failed. Researching also helps you to develop strong and convincing arguments for your audience and to back them up with considerable evidence. Citing alludes merely to the act of giving credit to the sources that inform your work or those that you use as evidence for all your arguments. Failure to acknowledge the original author of a particular piece of information is regarded as plagiarism which is considered a significant crime in the world of academia. Below are the main reasons why you should always ensure that you create proper citations for your papers. 

Maintaining academic integrity 

As a student, it is your role to maintain academic integrity. This means that you should clearly show places where you used other people’s work through the proper citing of the source. Whenever you fail to include a citation in your work, the reader or the instructor assumes that the work is your original creation. This is considered as an academic crime since failing to include the citation means that you are stealing work completed by another person and passing it off as your own. This lowers your academic truthfulness since you are reducing the amount of trust handed over to you by your lecturers or the general audience. This may have an undesired impact on your reputation as a student in case you are caught.

Helps to avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered as a very massive crime in the world of academia. Taking someone else’s content and failing to acknowledge them in your work is not acceptable. The citation is regarded as the best way to give acknowledgement, and you should always include it in all places where you borrow content. In the modern world where plagiarism checkers can be used to check your paper and detect any instances of plagiarism, you must avoid plagiarism-related problems by citing sources whenever you write. 

Indicates your position as a responsible scholar

Academic life is not all about excelling and performing well in your respective courses, and it is also essential for you to become a responsible individual in society. Competent individuals are expected to act in ethical ways in order to make society a better place to live and also to gain the trust of other people. In regards to citing sources when writing, you need to give credit to other scholars and researchers by acknowledging their work whenever you use it to defend your ideas. This proves to your audience that you are responsible enough to admit that some of the ideas that you use are not your own. This also dramatically improves the amount of trust that is given to your work since you are able to show all people that interact with your work that you are a trustworthy and responsible student capable of giving credit where it is due. In case you are not sure how to generate good references for your work, you can always use the bibliography generator. This free online tool is created to help you make correct and well-formatted references for your academic paper. 

Enables proper tracking of sources

In some situations, especially when conducting research, readers will need to track down the sources that you used. Citing the properly in your writing makes it much easier since the references provide links to the original content. In other cases, the readers may need to verify some of the points that you made and hence the need to track down the original content. Whenever you use tools such as the bibliography generator, you are always sure that your citations and references are done well and in a way that the reader can easily understand and utilize. This is very important, and leaving out proper citations in your work takes away the ability of the reader to be able to locate the research that you used as you wrote your paper. 

To show your audience that you conducted proper research

In the world of academia, research is considered as an essential part of the writing process. All the information that you write needs to be well-researched to make sure that it provides excellent information that is of use to your audience. All the facts need to have a significant backing that your readers can use to verify your claims whenever it is deemed necessary. But how do you ensure that your audience knows that you took the time to research? Citations provide evidence to your audience that you actually conducted research as you wrote your paper. In case the audience needs to verify the facts, they can always use the references and links to look at the original content that you used for your research.

To meet the requirements of academic writing

Academic writing requirements stipulate that you include references and citations in your work. In most cases, you will be directed to use one of the methods, including APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, or even Turabian. It is vital that you understand the different guidelines of each style. Alternatively, you can use the bibliography generator online to ensure that you do it properly. In case you fail to include references, you may end up scoring good grades because of failing to meet requirements. Lecturers in universities all over the globe take this very seriously and will seldom mark work that does not meet the standards.

As seen above, there are quite many reasons why you should always ensure that you create proper citations for your work. When writing, it is, at times challenging to meet all the requirements according to the given set of instructions. It is, however, in your best interest to try and follow them to the latter and ensure that your paper contains all essential elements, including citations and references. In case you are not confident or you do not understand how to do it well, you can always seek professional advice from great companies such as Peachy Essay. Another alternative is to make use of the bibliography generator online to ensure that all your citations and references are well-done.