6 recommendations on choosing the best books for GAMSAT study


You probably have started out with your preparation for the upcoming GAMSAT exam. But have you chosen the best GAMSAT Books available in the market? Books are an important study aid and can be essential to your study – As such, they can have a large influence on how well you study and how well you do on the exam with your results.

Hard work is the key, but that’s not all to the story. You also need to be smart with your GAMSAT preparation. Yes, people sometimes underestimate the impact of smart work, over putting in lots of work but working inefficiently.

Today, we will give you six tips on how you can be smart with your book choices to get the best results in the upcoming GAMSAT.

1. The more and merrier

If you are thinking that the larger the volume of the curriculum you choose to study, the more you will score, think again. When it comes to the curriculum and the amount of information available, there is no end to the same.

So, what we are trying to say is simple: quality over quantity. There is no point in reading the same content again and again in the name of hard work and studying multiple books.

Just read the syllabus in detail and choose the books that best match it. Not only will your booklist be short but will also help you prepare the best.

2. Choosing Exam Oriented Books

There are an endless number of books in the market that cover the entire syllabus, but that doesn’t mean that each one is right for you. You see, there are some books that have exactly been written keeping the question papers.

Like the exam is divided into various sections, so are these exam-oriented books, helping you prepare likewise. Again, since the idea is to keep the book list short and simple, stick to exam-oriented books only.

3. PDFs, Ebooks, or Paperbacks?

This is a big question as PDFs and Ebooks are sprouting up and they help you save a lot of money, along with so many other advantages like ease of carrying anywhere and anytime in your phones. Almost every book nowadays is available, either as a pdf, or ebook.

But paperbacks have their own advantages. They help in a more traditional way of studying, keep you on track, and also help you when it comes to marking important headers. Now, it is completely your decision when it comes to which one to buy. Analyze your preferences and focus with both, and choose accordingly.

4. Putting emphasis on reading method

What reading method works best? You see, every book is meant to be read in a certain way. For instance, some require it to be read completely first, then go and solve the question banks, some want you to read one chapter, and then solve a dedicated question bank for the chapter. Some ask you to read a chapter then refer to an entire MCQ bank for exercises.

Likewise, there are different reading styles for different books and different authors. My recommendation is that you must first do your own research, and then purchase the book. To get the best out of the book, you should stick to the reading style, and if the reading style doesn’t suit you, it is just of no use.

55. Online Shopping or offline?

If you know bookstores with immense variety and are easy to reach, you can go for offline bookstores, but if not, online bookstores are the best. You don’t have to reach for the books, instead, the books will reach you.

They are easily available and help you save a lot of time. Plus, most times they can be purchased with heavy discounts allowing you to save.

6. Importance of researching and being patient

You don’t have to order all your books at once. Be thorough with your research, even if it takes time. There is a lot of information available online that can be useful. Start a booklist, build upon it slowly, and once it is done, order it.

Over to you…

We know you might think that we are placing a lot of emphasis on books, but they will primarily play a huge role in making and breaking your GAMSAT courses results. But at the same time, don’t forget to work hard, because one can never write hard work off!



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