6 Significant Characteristics of a Good Medical Translator

Medicine and medical facilities are common areas that are found everywhere all over the world. Because health is of ultimate importance in the end. It is the center point of everyone’s life. The medical document translation and translation of the medical content, on the whole, is a specialized and technical field that requires particular expertise. It also brings people from different ethnicity and backgrounds together to guarantee a good exchange of communication and information with health services. The best medical translation services are carried out to respond to all the communication that is related to medicine and its further sectors and disciplines. It also includes general medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, endocrinology respiratory medicine, and a lot of other fields.

Medicine is a vast and broad industry. It has immense subfields and categories. The regulatory translation is also one mandatory field of medical text and content. Also, its intensity and complex content require translators who are subject matter experts and have proven experience and other important characteristics.

1. Diversity of the text type

The translator should have this characteristic of being well aware of the different and diverse types of text. The text may include different types of content with multiple formats to handle. It might include

  • Medical journals
  • Informative brochures
  • Medical reports
  • Clinical trial protocols
  • Informed consent forms
  • Prescriptions
  • Leaflets
  • Patents
  • Explanatory videos.

A medical translator has to be good at handling the different formats mentioned above. This is an extremely important characteristic that companies expect in a medical translator.

2. Scientific knowledge

It is mandatory for the right and professional translator to have expertise and proficiency in the scientific language. Medical translators have to realize the responsibilities which come with the medical content. They should be able to translate clearly with accurate results. The medical translator understands the context of the scientific text such as the articles that have classic structure, abstract, introduction results, and methods as well. They are also supposed to maintain an objective and impersonal style. The medical text demands sound and in-depth scientific knowledge to explain the processes transparently.

3. Specialized terminology

The medical text is full of complex medical jargon and abbreviations. One who understands these terms well can only conduct the translation. Medical regulatory documents translation is not only complex due to its subject matter but there are different formats and patterns for different content styles. Not only the medical terminology but the terminology of the regulatory content is also tough as it contains legal terms. Therefore, the medical translator should be confident about this characteristic before he attempts the medical content. Also, good translators try to take care of the pitfalls of false friends with the same words with different meanings as well as neologisms and ambiguity. They should also cross-check the usage of the right terminology from authentic resources.

4. Diverse communicative situations

Professional medical translators understand how it is important to go through the text and read and absorb it well before adapting and translating the content as per the requirements of the target audience. For instance, content is often mixed with the technical and popular terminology in the English language such as common and formal names of the disease’s varicella Vs chickenpox. However, the same language remains technical in the Spanish language. The expertise of the right and professional medical translator has to deal with the content and make it according to the target audience and the way they use it.

5. Cultural adaptation

Cultural and business norms vary with the regions and countries so the regulatory affairs. Medical companies have to be in compliance with the regulatory authorities of their target audience. This also makes regulatory compliance translation an important part of the medical content and hence medical translators should be good at adapting the culture of their target audience well so that it can reflect well in their translation. Cultural preferences are extremely important for people and they often get infuriated on this matter when they find that the companies or businesses have not conducted proper research and have forged the information.

6. Formal conventions

Medical text and translation require multiple checks and supervision The supervisors have to be competent as it is mandatory to maintain the requirements about the structure, organization as well as the currency and unit of measure. A lot of companies demand certified medical document translation and for that purpose, they have to ensure that translation is done by a certified company and team of translators and also meets the international standards set for the translation.

Additionally, certified medical document translation services are extremely vital for some documents and the companies and their foreign business associates often demand these in particular. So medical companies have to meet the criteria for successful and smooth expansion.


Medical text and content are extremely sensitive in nature and yet require expert translators and linguists to take care of. It is important that medical companies make sure that they hire proficient translators who possess the right and relevant characteristics which are mandatory for this job.