6 Simple Ways to Make Your Boss Like You


It is not easy to impress your colleagues, let alone your boss. However, when you work on improving your relationship, you see that it is not an impossible task to get him to like you if you put in some effort. You don’t have to become best friends, but mutual respect between a boss and his employee should exist at all times. Find out what are 6 easy ways to get your boss to appreciate you more.

Be Punctual

Arriving on time and getting the job done in a reasonable time period is what most bosses appreciate. This way, you contribute to their business by making sure the clients are always satisfied and the customers don’t have anything negative to say about the company or the product. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, being late is the first sign of irresponsibility that won’t take you too far. A person who is constantly missing deadlines is not good for the company’s future in the long run.

Good Attitude

No one likes grumpy people who are always ready to fight others. Even though it is too early or you are hungover, you mustn’t let it show on your face. When you come to work, your boss has to see the motivation and enthusiasm for the upcoming day. A good attitude gets the job done fast and efficiently. When you mope around, you just waste time and money, so don’t think your boss won’t notice it or comment on your behaviour.

Failure is an Option

Responsibility comes with a price. For instance, the position of supply chain manager carries a lot of responsibility. When you know that you’ve made a mistake, come clean. Don’t allow someone else to take the blame for it, or try to cover it up. Instead of doing this, try coming up with solutions that can get the problem solved as soon as possible.

Ask for Feedback

You don’t want to sound desperate, but asking for an honest opinion from time to time, isn’t such a bad idea. By doing this, you show your interest in the job and can improve your skills faster when someone who is objective notices your weak spots. Constructive criticism should only motivate you to do your job better, and not discourage you and or ruin your day.

All Are Equal

Sometimes, even bosses can feel blue or not in the mood. When you know something is going on, don’t try to gossip around, or act as if it didn’t happen. A simple “How are you?” can brighten up someone’s day. Also, if you notice something odd is happening to your co-workers, offer your help, too. A team player who lifts the group’s mood is a perfect employee model behaviour company can’t function without.

Show Interest

If you thought long and hard about some problem the company is facing, you should voice your opinion. Every employee deserves a chance to contribute to the company’s growth. Not only is it therapeutic to speak your mind, but your boss will appreciate you stepping up and sharing your opinion.

Establishing a good relationship with your boss is tricky, but once you get his trust, he will start relying on you more and giving you more important tasks. Do you get along with your boss and colleagues or do you quarrel every day at work? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

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