6 Smile Solutions to Consider This Year


The start of a new year has always been an ideal time to think about the changes that you can make for the better. Improvements come in a variety of ways. Some people look to improve their health and strength through exercise and better eating habits. Meanwhile, there are those who focus on emotional betterment through self-care and spiritual pursuits.

But, the most common tweaks people long to implement in the New Year are physically focused, such as a new haircut, hair color, different makeup, fashion style, and a prettier smile. And speaking of smiles, there are various dental solutions and professional dentists like the Dentist in Temple Terrace that are focused on cultivating your confidence in your smile.

So, if you are looking for a smile solution this year, here are six of the most popular options:

1. Teeth whitening

Among all the dental treatments on this list, teeth whitening is what offers instant gratification. A tooth whitening session does not even take an hour to finish, even if you have the worst extrinsic teeth discoloration. Also, in a single session, you will automatically witness a significant improvement in your teeth hue.

It’s important to mention as well that teeth whitening is among the more affordable cosmetic dental procedures available. Plus, it is usually pain-free for people who have strong and healthy teeth.

2. Orthodontic braces

Braces, Fort Lauderdale dentists say, remain to be the top versatile solution for creating the smile of your dreams. They can address a variety of toothy issues, such as:

  • Snaggletooth
  • Protruding jaw
  • Teeth misalignment
  • Overbite and underbite

There are different types of orthodontic braces to choose from. You have the traditional metal braces, which you probably see a lot of teenagers using; and ceramic and clear braces, which are less noticeable and more aesthetically appealing. Incognito braces, also called lingual braces, are metal braces that are attached to the inner sides of the teeth. Invisalign, on the other hand, are removable clear aligner trays that are not noticeable at all.

Although there are different types of braces available, they all achieve the same thing, which is move teeth into the right position for better oral health and a beautiful smile.

3. Gum reshaping

Sometimes, teeth are not the problem. They’re beautifully straight and white. However, the gums take the limelight for being the same size or even bigger than the chompers.

When you have a gummy smile that you do not necessarily like, gum reshaping is the cosmetic dental solution for you. This procedure makes use of a special cautery machine, and it is quick and minimally uncomfortable.

In a single session, your teeth will become the main star of your smile and your gums in a reliable supporting role.

4. Dental veneers

Dental veneers, Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentists say, are highly versatile solutions as well. These can solve the following dental issues:

●      Teeth discoloration

Veneers can conceal both extrinsic and intrinsic teeth discoloration.

●      Small, worn-down teeth

Worn-down teeth are common among people who suffer from bruxism or tend to bite their nails. The application of veneers can restore the original size and shape of the teeth.

●      Chipped or broken teeth

Accidents and certain habits such as eating ice and chewing on hard objects like pencils and pen caps can damage teeth and alter their shape and size. Veneers are the perfect coverup for these.

●      Natural irregularly shaped teeth

Sometimes certain teeth just don’t develop the same way as your other chompers. These come out with a weird shape or a noticeably smaller size. Again, the application of veneers can achieve the look of uniformity for your smile.

●      Slightly misaligned teeth

Veneers can take care of slightly misaligned teeth such as a front tooth that slightly overlaps with the tooth beside it. The original tooth will be shaved a bit for the placement of the veneer to align with the teeth on both sides.

●      Teeth gaps

The application of veneers will create the ideal tooth shape and size to close a gap.

5. Lumineers

Lumineers address all the issues that veneers do except that they are made of much thinner material. They are also a beautiful facade for teeth imperfections.

The advantage these have over veneers, however, is little treatment needs to be done to the original teeth to put lumineers in place. Therefore, should you want to remove these someday for whatever reason, you’ll basically just regain the original look of your smile.

6. Dental implants

These are the best solutions for missing teeth. They involve a lot of work, which makes them one of the most expensive dental procedures there is. But, the wonderful thing about dental implants is you get perfect teeth that are resistant to cavities and feel completely like your original teeth.

See? Whatever your dental issues are that make you conscious about your smile, there is always a solution. Which of the ones mentioned above do you need?

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