6 Steps To Hiring A Motivational Speaker For Your Company


Can anyone become a motivational speaker? Well, not everyone has the backbone to be one. If you fear standing in front of a crowd or a group of people to talk for more or less the whole day, then I suggest you pick out a different career. What skills do you need to be this type of a speaker? 

Excellent communication skills are a must, plus knowledge on the many aspects of motivation. You must be able to put your message across loud and clear for your audience. For some, having a degree in Psychology is a big plus. Having many experiences of triumph and trials are also a good foundation of a motivational speaker. You cannot convince your audience to be strong in overcoming a “big storm” if you haven’t experienced failure, right? And you cannot convince a room full of professionals to go the extra mile if you have zero experience on how to be an employee yourself. 

If you are convinced that your company needs to hire a speaker, here are six steps to help you out.

1. Set your goals

Before you book that motivational speaker, ask yourself or your management team, “What are your goals?” Knowing exactly your goals and what you wish to accomplish will lead you to the right path of choosing the person to motivate your employees.   Be sure to consider options like a real estate motivational speaker as well.

2. Who can help you achieve your goals?

With a lot of speakers offering their services, it is easy to get lost and confused. Once you have outlined your goals, the next step would be to check the expertise and portfolio of the available speakers. It is crucial that the speaker you choose represents the principles, values, and needs of your company. 

3. Speakers who follow up.

Look for speakers who do follow-ups with consultancy and ensure that the message “sticks” even after the “hypnotic and energizing” effect of the talk wears off.

4. Look for passion

A passionate speaker will always go the extra mile for you and your company. Look for someone who is not only armed with knowledge but also exudes the passion and the drive to really share and influence. It is easy to stand in front of others and share, but it is exceptional to have the ability to reach out and enthuse them to take action. 

5. Do they fit?

You have a team of millennials in your department, who do you get to energize them? A 60- year old speaker who has an assistant who does his visuals for him? Or do you go for the 40-something who is in the know of the ins and outs of the millennial lingo? 

When choosing a speaker, you must also analyze if he is relatable to the people he will be presenting to. It is more enjoyable and interesting to listen to someone who the audiences feel are more like them and understands them. Fortunately, you can hire a speaker here if you still have a hard time deciding.

6. Is the price right?

As with any transaction, set your budget. The high professional fee doesn’t always equate with excellent performance. Scrutinize and examine the portfolio to make sure that the person you are getting is worth the price. 

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