Taking care of dogs is not as easy as it looks. They need to be fed well, kept in good health, and disciplined, among other things. While these may be simple enough to do for many dog lovers, buying the right dog bed may be a tougher task for most of them.

It can be especially challenging if your dog chews on almost everything. You need to pick from the strongest and best dog bed for chewers in such a case.

You will come across an unbelievable amount of options when it comes to dog beds. But before you pick one, make sure to consider the size, breed, and personality of your dog to find the most suitable bed for your dog.

Here are some of the best chew-proof beds for your dog. 

1. K9 Ballistic Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is a strong, waterproof bed that can hold anything from pups to large dog breeds comfortably. Not only can you pick a size suitable for your dog, but you can also choose from a variety of colors. The design of the orthopedic mattress is such that it protects your dog’s joints and spine. Also, it is resistant to odor and tear, having been stitched three times over to increase durability.

2. Kuranda Dog Bed

The Kuranda dog bed is among the best choices for dogs that are aggressive chewers and diggers. It is an elevated dog bed that comes with a sturdy PVC frame and can stand a canine weighing up to 125lbs. The bed’s Cordura fabric is easy to clean and resistant to abrasions. Its medically approved design gives maximum comfort to your sleeping pooches.

3. Gorilla Ballistic Orthopedic Dog Bed

With a simple round design, this robust bed is ideal for dogs that are rough on their things. You can watch your dog jump on and off the bed all day while the bed remains unchanged. It is made of solid Gorilla ballistic fiber and is excellent for enthusiastic dogs. The puncture and scratch-proof dog bed has a waterproof outer cover and is resistant to odor, mildew, mold, and more.

4. Blueberry Heavy-Duty Pet Bed

The surface of the bed is super comfortable for your dog to sleep on while the sides are securely bolstered. The rigid fiber can stand against aggressive scratching and gnawing from your dog. There is a zipper that’s hard for your dog to find but easy for you to use. You can unzip, remove the cover, and machine-wash it amid your dog’s sleep intervals.

5. Brindle Memory Foam Pet Bed

For pet lovers on a budget, this is economically the best dog bed for chewers. Although made of shredded foam, the mattress can last for a long time, holding its shape with considerable ease. The rip-proof bed can easily withstand your dog’s scratches and puncture efforts. It comes in many colors and sizes, fitting snugly into a crate. Its portability makes it great for travel use.

6. Slumber Pet Heavy-Duty Chew Resistant Mat

If you’re looking for a mat type of bed rather than a thick mattress, this is a wise choice. The chew-resistant bed has strong reinforced stitching that enables it to stay immune to your dog’s efforts to destroy it. Although it comes in a variety of sizes, it is most suitable for smaller and less aggressive dogs. The bed’s machine-wash compliance makes it easy to maintain and clean.

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Chewing On the Bed

Even if you get the strongest and most chew-resistant dog bed, it will end up in tatters if your dog doesn’t stop gnawing at it. While dog beds are strong, they aren’t a hundred percent destruction-proof. To prevent your dog from chewing incessantly, you must first find out the reason behind it.

There are many reasons dogs chew beds. For instance, some may have separation anxiety, while others may belong to an aggressive breed. But puppies do it because they are in a teething phase. In such cases, it’s crucial to train pups to sleep in their beds from an early age.

Once you’ve figured out why your dog chews his bed, it becomes easier to get him to stop. You can introduce various chew toys to divert your dog’s attention from chewing on the bed. You could also consider using an anti-chew spray and keep delicate objects out of your pet’s reach. You should also try avoiding situations that make your pet stressed, as it can cause them to act out.

When you reduce your pet’s anxiety, in addition to buying the best dog bed for chewers, you will have a happier pet at home.