6 Things to Invest in to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Living in a dorm can be called many things, but comfortable is sure not one of them. At least, at first. Of course, once you spend a few months in the place, you start accumulating things around you that make you feel more like home. Besides, home is a feeling, not necessarily a location. So, let’s talk about those things that can turn any cold dorm room into your comfy lair!

Alternative Light Sources

Alternative Light Sources

One thing that you are guaranteed to do in that room is study. At least for the first few months. Chances are, you’ll have to stay up late, whether it’s to hire an essay writer or to write a paper. A table lamp will not only look cute but will also minimize the strain on your eyes.

Other than that, you might use a few battery-powered fairy light strings just to make the room more alive. A lot of people are strongly opposed to ceiling lights, especially when it gets darker, so investing in a few alternative light sources is a good idea. They don’t have an expiration date. So when you are through with them, you’ll be able to sell them to future generations of students.


A microwave oven is an indispensable item for students. Electric or gas stoves are prohibited in most dorms in the world due to them being a fire hazard! But students need to eat, too! This leads them to survive on instant noodles, beans on toast, and takeaway if they’re lucky.

A microwave can allow you to actually cook things. Many people don’t realize that one can make real meals with that thing, they just need a bit of creativity. You can cook rice, vegetables, and even meat!

When moving in, ask around if anyone is selling their microwave and buy a used one. This will save you some coin and ensure you eat well during your stay in a dorm.

Alarm Clock

We all have alarms on our smartphones these days. But taking your phone to bed with you is a harmful habit that can ruin your sleep schedule, which is already a big issue for students. So, investing in an alarm clock can be a really good idea. Think about what works best for you when choosing a clock. Your options range from one of those fancy electronic devices to a mechanical clock with a hideous sound that will wake up your entire dorm. Whatever it is, you need a tool that will ensure you don’t skip morning classes.

Alarm Clock

Comfy Chair

You will be spending a lot of time in that chair doing your homework, so it’s a worthy investment. You might not feel it now, but your back does suffer from sitting with an incorrect posture. You can ignore it for some time. But after a few years spent on a stool with no back support, you will hear a cry of despair. And it will be your back, begging for relief.

Whether it’s looking for custom writers or writing papers, you will thank yourself later for getting a good chair. When choosing one, make sure it has a cushioned seat and offers substantial back support. It’s good if the height can be adjusted, too. This will help prevent knee problems in the future.

Good Speakers & Noise Cancelling Headphones

The battle as to which one is more essential for a student has been going on for ages. We suggest you get both. A speaker is perfect for throwing parties or simply enjoying music in solitude. A pair of headphones is a must if you need to focus on a lecture while your roomie is still asleep.

Getting a good speaker can get you invited to most parties. Even if parties are not as common right now, there’s nothing better than dancing to your favorite song in the morning, while getting ready for the day.

And unless you want to earn a reputation as a terrible person, you should also get a set of headphones. You can use them for studying at a late hour, or for drowning out your roommate’s music. Whatever the reason is, it’s a good idea to not bother the people around you with your music.

Bed Cover

If you plan on studying in an area with cold winters, investing in a warm blanket is a must. Chances are, the dorm building is old and has a poor heating system. So you need to come prepared for that. Get yourself a warm, heavy blanket and an additional cover for the bed. This way you’ll make sure you won’t get cold on one of those long, cold winter nights. Besides, it’s good to have something to cover the bed since you’ll probably be sitting on it during the day anyway.

Final Words

Getting homesick is very common among students. Especially now, when most of us cannot just get a ticket and fly home due to either traveling restrictions or simple fear. But the least you can do is to make the space you live in as comfortable as it can get.

Invest in a microwave and cook meals for yourself. It will taste nothing like your mom’s cooking but it will be cheaper than takeout and better than instant noodles. Get a few lights to make the room prettier and more functional. Invest in a good chair, your back will thank you later. Don’t forget about an alarm clock and a good Bluetooth speaker together with headphones. The last two should come in pairs unless you want to ruin everyone’s lives.