6 Things You Absolutely Must Do As A Travel Blogger In NYC


The dream for many people around the world is to experience the wonderful New York City. However, a trip to the city that never sleeps can be rather costly, and people who want to visit will be taking their time to research what’s on offer to ensure their hard earned money is going to be spent on the best parts of the city. People want to know where the hidden gems are, how to budget their money wisely in a city that can be expensive, and also the best neighborhoods to visit. That’s where travel bloggers come in. If you’re looking to head to NYC to add a reputable story and experience to your travel blog, here are 5 things you absolutely must do as a travel blogger in New York City.


If you want to write a lengthy piece about New York, then it’s important to spend a significant amount of time in the city. This calls for accommodation that’s going to meet all of your needs during your stay. While hotels are a convenient way of finding accommodation quickly, they are often very impersonal and can’t meet all of your needs. Perhaps you could rent out a furnished apartment in New York so that you can feel more at home during your stay. Doing this will allow you to make friends during your stay, and perhaps host parties that will make your experience (and your write up of your stay) better than you could have ever imagined. Not only that, but you’ll be able to create your content as you go along with scenic views and possibly your very own pool!

See the city from above

To write thoroughly about New York you need to have truly experienced it, and if you’re trying to pack in as much as possible during your time there, you may be looking for a fast, yet breathtaking way of being able to convey to your readers how amazing the city is. That’s why you should consider seeing the city from above so that you can get an idea on how vastly enormous New York actually is. There’s a plethora of buildings on which you can stand upon to see the entire city, however, the best spots to go are atop of the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock. Plus, imagine the pictures you’ll be able to capture of your time in New York!

Capture killer images for your blog

Speaking of pictures, one thing that your readers will expect from you is a plethora of pictures so that they can get an idea of what to expect when they visit New York. While it’s very likely that you won’t be able to capture every little detail in photo form, it’s a good idea to think about how you’re going to capture the right moments for your readers. Think about angles of your images, lighting and most importantly, how relevant it is to the post that you’re writing. While you may have a cute picture of your coffee, it probably won’t be of any relevance to your audience. If you’re talking about the Empire State Building, give them pictures of the walk up to it and around the grounds so that they can feel like they are really there. The pictures of smaller things that you find interesting, well, you can keep for your own personal enjoyment!

Steer away from tourism

While New York City is basically built for tourism, some people don’t want to do the generic tourist things when they visit. They want to feel like they fit into the city, almost as if they live there themselves. During your stay, find quaint attractions in New York City that might not have much of the spotlight due to the larger ones. Look for art exhibitions like the Tanya Bonakdar gallery, places with live music such as Fat Cat that offers live jazz, pool tables and more! Or, maybe even just a particularly beautiful spot to go and have a picnic like the Mineral Springs.

Put together statistics for tourists

The one thing that tourists want is information. Travelling to a new city, or possibly even a new country is a very daunting experience, and it’s understandable that they want to know what to expect from their journey. Find out information and statistics from locals such as crime rates, how to handle yourself on the streets of New York, and what to do if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Find the best places to eat

Finally, the one thing that every single tourist has in common, is that they are going to need something to eat at some point or another. Use your time in NYC to check out all different kinds of eating establishments and write down notes of your experience. If there are any tips that you pick up along the way from locals such as a dress code, or even when to book a reservation to eat, write them down so that you can include them in your blog and really help your readers out before they visit. You should consider trying out restaurants from all different walks of life so that you can give a thorough write up of your experience. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures for both your blog post and your Instagram account!

It would also benefit your readers to include an app such as Eater for them to check out. Perhaps you know of a food blogger in New York? Link their blog to your write up so that they can find out even more about where to eat.

It’s also important to remain unbiased about your visit to NYC. Remember that the things you enjoy, others might not, and vice versa. Give your readers the chance to see what’s on offer so that they can visit and make their minds up themselves.

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