6 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Second-Hand Vehicle


If you decide to sell your vehicle, whether to a dealership or privately, there are a few things you should do to ensure that you are getting the best possible price for your car.

1. Taking Good Care Of Your Car

Always keep receipts of services and parts, maintenance records and any other maintenance records of repairs done to the car.

2. Giving Your Car A Good Clean And Wash

Washing and cleaning the car inside out before selling is more appealing visually to prospective buyers and gives them an impression that you are taking good care of your vehicle. You can take it for a thorough clean to a professional carwash or do it yourself if you choose to do so. It’s not enough just to wash the exterior. The interior must also be thoroughly cleaned.

3. Knowing The Market And Prices

It is worth your while to research online websites like Gumtree and other second-hand car dealers. You can view cars which are similar to yours and compare them with your own. This is to give yourself an idea of what the car must be going for and to make sure you are not going in too low. You can also get an evaluation from a reputable car dealer when you want to sell used car Chicago to obtain a quote. You can then utilize this as a baseline when pricing your vehicle when you are selling privately.

4. Taking Care Of Observable Scratches, Dents And Tires

Take into consideration any dents, scratches, or repairs that a dealer must do before selling a car can reduce the price offered to you. It would be more cost-effective to take care of minor repairs yourself so that you can get a better price from the dealer or private buyer. The same goes for tires. If the dealers must replace the tires, they will subtract the amount from the price they offer you rather than paying what it will cost them for replacing it.

5. Having An Inspection And Roadworthy Tests Done And Changing The Oil

It is always better to have all this done before making the sale. You don’t want to lose out on a deal from a prospective buyer because they’ve lost interest because the paperwork for the car is not in order. Without the appropriate paperwork, the sale cannot be facilitated.

6. Taking Proper Photos

Make sure you take several pictures of each part of the car and only upload the best ones to the site or platform where you are trying to sell the car on. The more photos, the better for attracting more interested parties in the vehicle. This can give them a good idea of the condition the car is in and will cut down on time to organize a viewing of the car who seem interested but are just ending up wasting your time. Proper photos will attract the right people who are actually interested.


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