6 Tips for Finding Suitable Homes for Employees Relocating With Their Families


The entire process of relocating employees and their families requires meticulous planning and timely implementation of all agreed-upon steps and activities.

But no matter how well you plan your employees’ move, all your efforts will be in vain if they do not have a cosy and safe home ready for them upon their arrival.

Finding the right home for your employees and their families can be time-consuming. However, it is an important part of the entire relocation process.

As such, you need to be ready to spend a considerable amount of time on this part of the process to ensure the moving employees and their families have a place to call their home once they arrive.

Finding the Perfect Home for Relocating Employees and Their Families

Getting help from a company that includes home search in their relocation services can cut your work in half when finding a suitable property for your employees and their families.

A firm that offers home search services will have staff that can help you narrow down all the potential residences based on key factors. They can give you the pros and cons of each property and other details worth considering in the final decision.

They can also accompany you and your employees when you want to view the shortlisted properties and help you with negotiating contracts.

But even if you get help with the home search process, you and your employees can narrow down your options to the most suitable ones when you follow these tips:

1. Consider rentals first

Investing in a residential property and leasing it to moving employees is something you can consider when you have the budget.

However, a good rule of thumb to remember when investing in residential real estate is to ensure someone will stay in the property for at least five years in order for the investment to make sense or pay off.

Renting a property, therefore, is a smarter, more cost-effective move for you and your employees than buying. It does away with the commitment and risk of owning a home that may cause you an enormous loss in the future.

2. Conduct sufficient research

Even if you are working with a home search service provider or real estate agent, you and your employees should do some research on your own.

Give your employees a list of your recommended neighbourhoods and properties. These should be budget-friendly, safe and located in accessible areas of the city.

Provide your employees with as many details as you can so that they can find the best one that meets their needs and preferences.

An easy way to start conducting your research is to use websites and apps that can give you ideas about the areas in a city based on a variety of key metrics, including overall safety, available facilities, and the quality of nearby schools.

3. Check access to amenities

Enabling your newly relocated employees and their families with easy access to essential amenities will go a long way in helping them make a smooth transition faster.

Ideal locations should be near amenities frequented and needed by most people, such as malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, and gyms. Your employees and their families will save a lot of time and money going to these places.

Also, a home near public transportation hubs, including buses, the metro or underground, and taxis, can make commuting easy and convenient for everyone.

Lastly, your employees will find it to their advantage if their home is located near or within reasonable walking distance to their workplace.

4. Look into possible schools and childcare centres

Employees moving with their families will be concerned about their children’s education and childcare services if they have younger kids.

Because of this, it is also important to look for potential homes that are near reputable schools and nurseries or childcare centres.

Most major cities have a number of prestigious international, private, and public schools. They also have public and private kindergartens, nurseries, and childcare facilities.

Remember that children, regardless of their age, will also have to adapt to a new life in a different country. As such, you and your employees should also consider their needs and well-being when searching for family accommodation.

5. Evaluate the safety and security of each neighbourhood

Keeping their families safe and secure in their new homes is also another priority of employees moving to a different country.

Because of this, it is important to remember that ​some neighbourhoods are safer than others; a fact that holds true in all parts of the world.

Aside from using websites and apps to read about the safety status of specific areas, speak with your home search service provider to get details about this aspect of your search. Also, ask around these neighbourhoods to find out about the safety and security situation in their communities.

Expats also often feel safer and more comfortable when they know there are other expatriates within their community since they know they are not the only foreigners here. So, try to find out if there are other expats in the shortlisted neighbourhoods as well.

6. Look into opportunities for leisure and recreation

Families that have recently relocated want to have fun during their free time. Because of this, it will work to their advantage if their home is near places of leisure and recreation.

Finding a home for your employees and their families near parks, playgrounds, malls, leisure and sports centres, and popular tourist attractions will make it easy for them to engage in various recreational activities. They will have their pick of fun things to do without commuting or travelling too far.

Check if there are museums, libraries, parks, and other places where the families can also learn more about their new home.

Also, look into the selection of restaurants and other establishments nearby. This way, your employees and their families will have dining options to choose from when they want to eat out or order takeaway.

Whether your employees and their families end up staying in a villa, bungalow, apartment, and any type of property, keep these tips in mind to help them find a home and packing services in Toronto that will make them feel comfortable, safe, and secure.

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Lee Brewin is the CEO of BTR International, one of the UK’s premier corporate relocations companies. Providing services which facilitate companies to aid their employees to move and settle down in their new country of assignment, BTR International is all about taking care of people, simplifying business, and bringing optimal efficiency.


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