6 Tips for Maintaining your Fuel Pump


Fuel pump is an integral auto part of your car. Its job is to deliver fuel to your automobile’s engine. However, we generally do not give much thought to the fuel pumps. They can stop functioning at any moment and lead to your car’s breakdown. So, replacing the fuel pump is crucial from time to time.

Since we are not very educated about this auto part, we tend to overlook its importance leading to breakdowns. So the best way to avoid that is to keep checking for problems, ensuring maintenance twice a year, and replacement when necessary.

Importance of Fuel Pump

The fuel pump helps to pump fuel from the tank to the car’s fuel injection. The pump is ideally located inside the tank, and it helps in the steady supply from the tank to the injection in appropriate quantity and optimum pressure. This helps the engine to continue its work even under adverse driving conditions.

Importance of Fuel Pump

Maintaining the Fuel Pump

Since people are not much aware of fuel pumps and due to its low accessibility, maintaining fuel pumps can be slightly tricky. Although there are many who think that fuel pumps can last the entire life span of the automobile, we think proper maintenance and replacing them from time to time is crucial. With excessive pressure of driving long kilometers and years of neglect, fuel pumps might get worn out and not do their job properly leading to vehicle breakdowns.

6 Tips to maintain Fuel Pump

Even if you do not know much about this auto part, it is simple to check up on them and provide proper maintenance twice a year. You can always call in a professional for servicing or do it yourself.

Here are some of the easiest tips to maintain your fuel pump –

  • Optimum temperature of the Fuel Pump- It is essential that you maintain the proper temperature of a fuel pump. The pumps are located inside the fuel tanks so that they remain in cool temperatures. This can be done by keeping the tank at least quarter to half full at any given time. Being immersed in liquid lets them remain cool and function better.
  • Best fuel for your pump- Also, the best way to ensure that the pump does not get rusty is the use of right and the best quality of fuel. Using watered-down or low quality fuel can hamper your pump and stop its functions.
  • Fuel Pump should never be empty- A common mistake everyone does is keeping the tank almost empty at times. You might think it will not cause much problems but this can lead the pump to get a thermal shock. A fuel pump gets heated up while pumping gas and so it is situated inside the tank to maintain a cool temperature. However, if you keep the tank empty, the pump will get heated up even more leading to a thermal shock with the sudden introduction of fuel.
  • Ensuring no dirt enters with fuel- It is crucial that you do not let any dirt or debris enter your fuel pump. Nowadays, gas stations are very careful about the fuel they supply. They always look to supply the best quality fuel but even so, dirt can enter the pump. It is best to avoid getting fuel from a station which is also getting fuel at the same time. This is because it might stir up all the dirt and debris and transfer it to your car and the pump flyers might not be able to catch all that dirt.
  • Fuel Filters should be timely changed- Fuel filters are crucial to maintaining a good fuel pump. Even if manufacturers assure you that these filters do not need changing, they should be replaced on a yearly basis.. This lets your fuel pump be clean and stops debris or dirt from setting up camp in your fuel pump.

Fuel Filters should be timely changed

  • Introduce Anti-Ethanol Agent- If your car is inactive for a week or two, it is advisable to use an anti-ethanol agent to your fuel pump. Fuel already contains ethanol which is good for the agricultural economy and for the environment. However, if left unused in the fuel pump, it might lead to complications.

Where to spare Fuel Pumps

The best online site to get any spare part for cars is Boodmo. The automotive website stocks up on every possible auto part for every car company and their various models. You can buy from their online store and get a mechanic to replace them for you.


Faulty fuel pumps can lead to stalling, lack of power in the car, or misfiring. If you notice any minor problems occurring, you should always get it checked. Thus, maintaining a fuel pump is essential to the smooth functioning of your vehicle.


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