6 Tips on how to improve your living room lighting


Living rooms are incredibly versatile and can be used in many ways from hosting friends, chilling after a long day at work or catching up with your family over board games. Installing indoor lighting in a room is as adaptable and unique as it can be. Lightning can make or break the decor of a home. Sadly, it’s also one of the things that most of us get wrong and often takes a back burner during the construction of a home. Modern contemporary lighting for the living room when strategically placed can visually add space to your room and make it feel airy and elegant. additionally, light influences the mood of a room so its key to decorate a room using the below guidelines;

Understand the needs of your living room

Asking yourself this question brings you a step closer to designing better lighting for your living room. The market is flooded with an array of lights and fixtures developed to suit different needs. For instance, if you are looking to bring some light to your sturdy nork at the corner of your living room, having a lamp on the table will not work. You can opt to have a low lying chandelier over your table to provide sufficient lighting.

Choose a lighting focal point

When designing a lighting scheme for your home, it is essential to create a focal point. For living rooms, especially those with large spaces, it’s important to have a focal point. Without a focal point, the eye searches for visual clarity without landing on anything specific. Large living rooms call for elaborate chandeliers to transform your room into a contemporary living space. A low-lying and detailed chandelier can create the coolest of features as it contracts the rest of the space.

Consider scale when choosing a light fixture

Whichever fixture you choose, let not your lighting overpower a room and neither should it get lost. Scale is of paramount importance when in the market for lighting fixtures. The rule of thumb is that the length plus the width of a room in feet should equal the diameter of a chandelier in inches.

Layering is the way to go

layers are essential when it comes to lighting. To create a balance aim to have at least three sources of light for every space. For small living rooms that don’t necessarily have the luxury of having a variety of lights, you can reduce the bulb wattage and size of the light fixtures. Dimmers are also great, they can instantly change the atmosphere of a room and help you save on electricity bills. Dimmers allow you more control over the lighting of your home.

Make sure to light all corners

Natural light is great for any home as it gives light to all corners of the home. Nevertheless, there is always that one dim spot in the living room that remains dark and dull especially when the sun goes down. A well-lit room should create an airy and pleasant atmosphere. To balance out the light, one could use artificial light fixtures for example adding a lamp for a subtle glow that spruces up the lighting in a room.

Be creative with the statement light accessory

There is something that oversized lighting fixtures do to a room. These accessories instantly bring a vibe to a room plus make great ambient lighting. It’s paramount to place this fixture strategically as the light can be harshly needing a bit of levelling out with warmer accent lights such as spotlights.


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