6 Tips Pros Use To Win Online Poker Tournaments


If you have been playing poker for a while or are completely new to the game, one of the most fun and exciting ways to play is in tournaments. Where else can you invest a small amount of money to have a chance at an exponentially larger payday? And depending on the size of the field and the blind structure, you could play anywhere from a few hours to multiple days!

But how can you avoid just finishing in the middle of the pack or min-cashing time after time? What strategies do the most accomplished players use to better their odds in tourneys?

Whether you are playing a WPT online tournament or anywhere else, these 6 techniques will help you run deeper more often than you ever thought possible:

1. Steal Pots When You Can But Be Cautious

You often hear about the importance of position in poker, but you rarely hear it explained. Your turn to act in a hand determines how you should play it. Stealing pots is much easier in a late position than early.

Raise small and often against weaker opponents, particularly when you act behind them. Additionally, you should disregard most hand-chart suggestions and focus more on the opponent’s playing style when you are in a late position.

2. Be Prepared to Defend Your Big Blind

If a player gets the impression that you will give up your blinds without a fight, they will abuse you for it round after round. Even if you don’t have a great hand, you still have a position and you can show that you are willing to engage with less-than-quality hands. This will make them think twice before trying to bully you not only on your blinds but on any hand.

3. Be Cautious About 4-Bet All-Ins When Under 40BB

Although 40BB isn’t anywhere near a short stack, if you find yourself in a raising contest with a larger stack, they may feel pot committed by the time you shove the rest of your chips into the pot.

4. Raise and Re-Raise Similar to a Cash Style When Deepstacked

However, if you find yourself in the position of being over 100BB later in a WPT online tournament, you should be aggressive in 2 and 3-betting. Force your shorter-stacked opponents into difficult decisions.

5. Don’t C-Bet Every Single Time

This is an amateur mistake, but one that gets repeated quite often. If a player knows that you will bet no matter what comes on the flop, you are setting herself up for a prime trap. And a decent player will know how to string you right along.

6. Think About the Streets Ahead Before You Get There

Just as the best chess players think several moves ahead, so should you. Many poker players focus only on the cards that are in front of them. Have a plan for whatever may come next on the turn and river.

Why Not Try Your Luck in a WPT Online Tournament?

Or better yet, why not try your skill in a WPT tourney? After all, you wouldn’t take the time to study and grow your game by reading blogs and tutorials just to go sit down and hope you get “lucky”. You know that although poker contains an element of luck, in the long run, the best players always find themselves at the top.




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