6 tips to kickstart your career as a cosmetic nurse


If you think that helping in cosmetic procedures like providing Botox injections, and assisting the patients to look better as they think that it can be a career path which you would like to explore. You should train yourself to become a cosmetic nurse. It is also known as an aesthetic nurse which works hand in hand with the doctors to assist the patients.

If you have cosmetic nurse training and a Botox training course, you can become a genuine and direct dissimilarity of how patients look and sense. And it all begins with the correct training for people who have good skills and makeup. To be a cosmetic nurse, you will require suffering from being around the blood all the time. You are asked to take good care of the patients before and later after the surgical procedures are over. You also require the characteristics like compassion, dedication, patience, communication skills, and many more. You can also visit the cpdinstitute.com.au site.

There are various kinds of credentials that can help in the career as a cosmetic nurse and you will require a license. Other skills like Botox can also provide you with employability. After knowing how to get into this field, below are the steps that will guide you.

Let us explore the 6 tips to kickstart your career as a cosmetic nurse

1. Get the right education

For the LPN, the education program is generally about a year which includes both work in the class and the good care of patients. In the classroom, the education generally consists of pharmacology, physiology, nutrition, pediatrics among other things. Taking care of the patients is generally done in the hospital.

For the RN people, a bachelor’s degree is a must and the time course of this will take 4 to 5 years.

For a nursing course, you will be required to have a master of science in nursing. Some of the other states have different requirements.

2. Get a nursing license

Licensing needs for nurses differ from state to state and can depend on what kind of license you want. An LPN must move to the national council licensure examination practical nurse or any kind of NCLEX-RN exam and further state requirement and should graduate from the nursing program which is accepted by the licensing agency. Nurse practitioners are required to have a Master’s degree and an RN license.

3. Specialized in cosmetic nursing

It is likely to get experience as a cosmetic nurse while you are still at the school. Certain education may be provided in areas that are pertinent to cosmetic nursing, consisting of fat grafting, liposuction, and chemical peeling. Frequently, the first thing in employment is to start with the basic level of nursing at a place where cosmetic surgery is performed.

4. Consider certification

Cosmetic nurses don’t need to have an extra different certification to work in cosmetic nursing. Certification would help in career advancement and with professional development too, nonetheless. None of the organizations offer this kind of certification, but the cosmetic nurses can select to be certified by the plastic surgical nursing certification board

5. Never stop learning

Cosmetic nurses need to have consistent education to get the license resumption and to keep the other optional certification. The online botox training courses and the directions on how to Inject the dermal fillers are surely useful.

There are various seminars accessible and the cosmetic nurse will get hold of many such types of courses throughout a career.

6. Watch Youtube videos

Watch youtube videos as much as you can on the basics of the cosmetic nurse like demodulators( your botox, xeomin, and Dysport) and usually use dermal fillers such as the Juvederm. Look carefully into what they are, how will they work, what differs them, where are they used.

Watch the video carefully to understand the basics of this field so that it won’t be a problem when you start practicing the course of cosmetic nursing.


Want to start your career as a cosmetic nurse? Then you will require certain procedures to follow. After going through the above-mentioned procedure you can easily start your career as a cosmetic nurse.

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