6 Underwear Innovations You Never Knew Existed

Undergarments are an essential part of one’s clothing. It may be underneath all the other layers of clothing, but it serves various purposes. Aside from working as a support and concealment in the intimate areas, it lessens the friction of the outer garments against the skin. It also keeps clothing from being soiled from bodily fluids.

Experts from Undywear.com specifies that everyone has their own specific needs, and finding the underwear suited for you may be challenging. Along with the variety of underwear types and design, alterations have been made to give underwear other functions.

Here are some underwear innovations you might never know existed before.

1. Analytical Underwear

Developed by Myontec, this underwear was designed to have the capability of telling the workout you have been doing with your quadriceps, hamstring, and even gluteus muscles. This Finnish company has developed its skintight shorts with electromyographic sensors, wherein the data can be sent to a computer for analysis. This is particularly beneficial for athletes and coaches to monitor muscle behavior.

2. Camelflage Underwear

If you want to say no to camel toe, you may want to use these panties with patented technology of sewn-in liners that creates a smooth appearance. You can use it with leggings and tight jeans. This underwear is also convenient because it wicks away moisture, keeping you comfortable all day.

3. C-String Invisible Underwear

Also known as invisible panties, this undergarment does not have any waistband yet has coverage in the front with a thong back. Its flexible plastic frame ensures that the C-String will hug your body and stay in place throughout the day. If you do not want any visible panty lines, then this garment is for you. Although some may find this uncomfortable because of the plastic frame which can also cause chafing.

4. Shreddies Flatulence Filtering Underwear

This fart-proof underwear is designed and developed by Shreddies, who are proud to be a winner of the ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ award from the Association for Continence Advice (ACA). They developed this underwear that utilizes a Carbon Filter technology that can absorb fart odors to make sure that your flatulence will not produce a smelly output.

5. Thinx Underwear

This underwear is designed as a replacement to traditional tampons and is very beneficial during menstruation periods. It looks like regular underwear, yet it can hold a significant amount of fluid, equivalent to almost four tampons. It is washable and reusable, making it environment-friendly.

6. WineRack Sports bra

The WineRack bra is a unique and stretchy sports bra where you can drink your favorite wine from. It is made of quality lycra material with sups made from removable polyurethane wine-bladders. The bladder is customized to perfectly fit the shape of the bra for a natural and round appearance. It is capable of holding up to 25oz (750ml) of your favorite drink and can also be easily inserted and removed. To access the liquid, it is equipped with a long drinking tube with an easy-to-use on/off valve for controlling the flow of the liquid.

Whichever specific needs you have, there are various underwear styles and designs available. Add the designs mentioned above and you may have all your needs covered.