6 Unique Domino’s Pizzas That Are Not Available in Your Country

People may be same in all countries. But our research has found that Domino’s isn’t. The pizza restaurant chain spans across 83 countries apart from the United States, including overseas territories like Cayman Islands, and small states like Kosovo. But not all of them are eating the same Domino’s Pizza that you are.

Domino’s launches pizza ranges and flavors for most countries it enters. Especially if the country has only recently been exposed to modern lifestyle, Domino’s allures it with traditional flavored pizzas. Here’s a complete list of the different pizza flavors that every pizza lover must know.

Normally, these pizzas are the company’s take on an authentic dish, and are priced somewhere closer to that dish. This attracts locals towards the pizzeria and helps the company form a better hold in the market.

Domino’s also carries out other initiatives to strengthen its market position in a new country. Apart from localizing its flavors, it opens branches in popular malls, runs ads, and many times forms coupon partners that give discounts on Domino’s Pizza. The discounts help locals save some bucks every time they place a Domino’s order.

What we have done is we have poured over all the delicious variants of Domino’s pizzas and found 6 unique pizzas that you might be missing out on.

1. Tuna Delight – Indonesia

If you love seafood, you’d know that tuna is famous in Indonesia, and Indonesian Tuna is famous in the world. Why? Because this country is the largest producer of tuna. It produces over 100,000 tons of tuna in a year, that too using one-by-one catch methodologies. Meaning, fish are caught one at a time using poles and lines, instead of longline nets. This makes sure that fishing is sustainable and not exhaustive.

Over the years, Indonesia has developed a number of dishes around this particular fish that have garnered fame internationally. These include Tuna Pindang (Indonesian Tuna Stew), Nasi Goreng Tuna (Indonesian Tuna Fried Rice), Ikan Bumbu Rujak (Spice-Braised Tuna), and a number of soups, sauces, and salads.

By launching a Tuna Delight pizza, Domino’s gives a nod to the country’s love for this ingredient. The pizza has hot spicy tuna, paired with mayonnaise, onion, red pepper, parsley, and mozzarella.


2. Garlic Prawn – Australia

Australians love their prawns. Thanks to the warm waters in the northern parts of Australia, especially in Queensland, there is a year-round supply of prawns in the country. It is natural, thus, that the Aussies are very particular about the flavors that go with prawns and those that don’t.

Prawns, especially Tiger Prawns and Banana Prawns, are usually found stir-fried in Australian dishes. Mostly, they also have some sort of herbs to go with them. These could be basil, coriander, oregano or other Asian herbs. As for flavors, they like to add ginger, garlic, and chili.

In its Garlic Prawn Pizza, Domino’s has made a microcosm of all the things Australians love. There is prawn, there is tomato, there is baby spinach and oregano; and of course, there is a zesty garlic sauce base.


3. Vegan Avocado Veg – Australia

Seeing the increasing number of vegans in Australia, it makes complete sense that Domino’s launched a vegan range and a vegetarian plant-based range of pizzas in the country. In fact, it has also launched a ‘Gluten Free’ range where you can turn any of your favorite pizzas into a gluten-free pizza.

Out of these, what we are most interested in is the Avocado Veg pizza from the Vegan range. This vibrant, flamboyant pizza is full of interesting flavors that will burst in your mouth. Starting with Australia’s premium avocado produce, we also have sweet cherry peppers, mushrooms, red onions, capsicum & olives, and of course, some delectable vegan cheese.

Sounds interesting, right? I would say that the complete vegan pizza range by Domino’s is interesting. There are ingredients like plant-based beef, Kalamata olives, spring onions, and creamy sauces peppered across the entire range.


4. Achari Do Pyaza – India

If it is the heart of Indians that Domino’s wanted, then its launch of the Achari Do Pyaza Pizza made sure it got it. For centuries, the Indian Subcontinent has been obsessed with Do Pyaza dishes. From Chicken Do-Pyaza, Mutton Do-Pyaza, and Egg Do-Pyaza, to a number of vegetarian variants, the country sure likes this dish.

The term Do Pyaza is a Persian word that means ‘two onions’. But contrary to popular belief, adding two onions to a dish does not make it Do Pyaza. Instead, as food columnist Anoothi Vishal puts is, “It is meat (or any base) cooked with double the amount of onions”.

Usually, a Do Pyaza dish has a sour agent like raw mangoes or lemon juice to complement the onion flavor. Inspired by this, Domino’s has taken the tangy flavors of Indian pickles and infused it with its Achari Do Pyaza Pizza.


5. Swahili Chicken – Kenya

While chicken is loved worldwide, there is something about chicken that’s cooked Swahili-style. Ask a Kenyan and you’ll know why a Swahili chicken dish is so different from your regular run-of-the-mill chicken dish.

A good Swahili chicken recipe has the perfect blend of fresh herbs, spices, sauces, and coconut milk. Kenyans know that. And from what it looks like, Domino’s does too. Its special Swahili Chicken Pizza has pineapples, sweet corn, red chilli, and of course, some delicious Swahili chicken.

Other Kenya-favorites include Regina Pizza (with beef ham & mushrooms), and Pepperoni Passion (with beef pepperoni and mozzarella cheese).

6. Vegie Quattro – Malaysia

Malaysia has something that the rest of us don’t. Sure, it has Mount Kinabalu, the city of Kuala Lumpur, and Batu Caves. But it also has Domino’s first-of-its-kind ‘Quattro’ Pizza.

The Quattro Pizza range was launched in Malaysia in the latter half of 2019. It includes a number of pizzas that offer ‘4 flavors in 1 experience’. The answer to the million-dollar question of ‘what to eat’, a Quattro pizza has four crowd-favorite toppings on four separate portions of the pizza.

The range includes Signature Quattro Beef Pizza (with Beef Pepperoni, Aloha Chicken, Prawn Sensation, and Simply Cheese), and Signature Quattro Chicken Pizza (with Chicken Pepperoni, Aloha Chicken, Prawn Sensation, and Simply Cheese). But what we are especially interested in is the Vegie Quattro. This pizza has four scrumptious vegetable flavors. On one quarter is crunchy spinach, on other are succulent olives. The other two quarters have juicy tomatoes and zesty pineapples. How delightful is that?

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About the author: Jagruti Jaiswal is a full-time content writer, a part-time foodie, and a freelance pizza connoisseur in her own right.