6 Vegan Ways to Moisturize Winter Skin

Supple, glowing skin is the ultimate goal with any skin care routine, but when winter chills and winds roll in, vegan skin care formulas offer the best ways to treat raw, dry skin.

From apricot kernel oil to argan oil and everything in between, here are the ingredients that can bring back your healthy, glowing skin for your face and body.

Heal Skin with Vegan Skincare Australia Products

If you want your skin to look and feel great in the winter, it all starts with the formula. Natural Australian skincare products include vegan ingredients like coconut, neroli, hemp oil, and other essential oils, as well as key herbs and natural scrubs that buff away dead skin.

Here are some of the best vegan skincare Australia ingredients and why they so work so well for winter skin blues.

Quick Look: What Winter Skin Problems Can Natural Vegan Australian Products Treat?

  • Dry, dull skin
  • Flakey, dead skin (face and body)
  • Broken, blistered skin
  • Acne scars and redness
  • Dark under eye circles

Many of these products offer moisturizing, pore refining, and oil reduction benefits to return your natural glow without any chemicals or animal testing.

1. Aloe Vera for Dry Skin

Many studies have found that aloe vera ingredients help with dry skin, among many other skin problems like wound healing, inflammation, frostbite, and sunburns. Within skincare, aloe vera combined with rose hip oil creates the perfect treatment for dry skin. You’ll get your glow back quickly, especially if used with an gentle exfoliant.

2. Zeolite for Oily Skin

Have you heard of zeolite? It’s a miracle powder that can purify water, enrich soil, and improve your skin. This mineral forms from volcanic lava and water to create the a detoxifying mask that reveals beautiful skin underneath. One of the best ways to use zeolite is with calendula, an antibacterial ingredient that unclogs pores.

3. Energizing Coffee Scrub for Softer Skin

From dark circles to acne, coffee offers some amazing benefits due to chlorogenic acid and melanoidins found in its chemistry.  Arabica coffee scrub are often used to reduce inflammation and get rid of harmful bacteria that cause pimples.

For soft skin, use products that combine grounded coffee scrubs with hemp oil, peppermint, and orange extract.

4. Sugar Scrubs for Dead Skin Removal

Sugar scrubs work best to buff away dead skin on your body. These are often too harsh for your face but perfectly good to use for your legs, arms, tummy, and any other area on your body that needs exfoliation. The vegan body polish Pink Nebula combines sugar, coconut, and strawberries for super shiny, hydrated skin.

5. Neroli Oil for a Luminous Face

Another ingredient used in natural Australian skincare products is neroli oil. This incredible essential oil gives your skin an epic glow and it’s completely organic. It can also protect against sun damage, reduce wrinkles, and controls oily skin.

With apricot kernel oil, argan oil, and rose extract, neroli oil in this Cassiopeia organic facial oil can save your skin from turning into a prune during the winter cold.

6. Soothing Blistery Skin with Pink Clay

Deliciously decadent, facial masks with marshmallow root, aloe vera, and rosehip oil can really change the texture and softness of your skin. Winter winds and freezing temperatures often cause breakouts and broken skin, but using a clay mask can soothe your skin fast.

With exceptional ingredients, Star Dust is the perfect vegan face mask to try for blistered, broken skin. With aloe vera, these masks offer fast healing, and you’ll love how soft your face feels after using this mask just one time.

Vegan Skincare Australia: Is it the Best for Winter Skin Problems?

Using these masks and daily moisturizers can vastly improve your winter skin. Winter skin problems often feel like an assault on our skin, especially if you are obsessed with your skin care routine. The best way to treat these issues is with safe, moisturizing products that are all natural.

Vegan skincare is different from many of the products from big brands. These are hand-selected ingredients that are perfected to treat dry skin, inflammation, dullness, and wrinkles without chemicals. It’s never tested on animals either.