6 Wallet-Draining Consequences of Termite Infestation


The deal is closed, the house keys are in hand, and your IKEA shopping cart is overflowing. You just became a homeowner, and while the excitement of this life-changing milestone lingers, there’s a lot of work to be done. From taking on the added responsibility of mortgage payments and property taxes to maintaining gutter cleanliness and furnace efficiency, buyers assume a host of new duties after purchasing a property. The chores can feel tedious, but buyers-beware, as you prepare to settle into your new abode, some unwelcome house guests may be looking to stake their claim in your living spaces.

Perhaps the most essential item on your post-buy to-do list is scheduling routine pest control treatments to avoid costly infestation repairs that will devastate your home’s infrastructure and your budget. Termites may decide to set up camp for various reasons, the most common being moisture caused by improper drainage or leaky pipes. Similarly, wood that touches the home’s foundation may serve as a magnet that attracts these disease-ridden home invaders to your property. Cracks in the structure of your home can also act as an inviting entrance.

Whatever the reason for entry, you’ll want to identify the pesty presence as soon as possible, as well as locate the right pest control provider for you. While these bugs can be sneaky, you can pinpoint their whereabouts by remaining attentive to several tell-tale signs of termite infestations.

Oftentimes, the first sign of a termite infestation is visual. When termites move about to establish a new colony, you may notice them flying around. In some cases, you may stumble upon a pair of discarded wings. Unbeknownst to most, termites commonly discard their wings after mating, alerting you of termite larvae nearby. Since termites feast on wood, infested wooden fixtures will sound hollow or papery when knocked on. Termites may also make soft clicking noises as they move about, so keep your ears peeled for signs of pesky home invaders.

If you’ve spotted these signs, it’s time to contact a pest control provider like GreenHow. Otherwise, you may end up suffering the ramifications of these six wallet-draining consequences of a termite infestation.

You may have to replace your flooring

If termites crawl their way into your flooring, an expensive scenario will likely follow. While termites love to chomp on superficial wood, they’ll stop at nothing to reach the softest wood in the floor’s structural support. Once the damage is done, the entire floor will need a replacement, and your wallet will be in desperate need of a hug.

You’ll have to take an expensive trip to the cabinet store

Wooden cabinets remain a favorite meal for groups of termites who have gained entry to a suburban home. Even surface-level damage elicits costly treatments. A total cabinet replacement quickly becomes a pricey hassle, and you don’t want these creepy crawlers anywhere near your kitchen.

Your stairs will take a hit

Since stairs contain wooden structural supports, they make for a delicious snack for a family of termites. The bugs move swiftly and can gnaw away at the integrity of a staircase until it eventually collapses. If this happens, homeowners must fork over a substantial sum to cover the costs of a multi-thousand dollar stair rebuild.

The home’s structure can crumble

While total structural collapse resulting from termite infestations is uncommon, an infestation that reaches a home’s support structures can render a house unlivable. Structural termite damage isn’t typically covered by homeowner’s insurance, making structural repairs wallet-draining at best.

The furniture inside of the home can sustain damage

While subterranean termites require contact with moisture, dry wood termites will devour all wood in sight. If not eradicated, these termites can occupy your living room and munch on wooden furniture for sport. Chairs, tables, and couch bases are all fair game. If compromised, a brand-new furniture haul will be in order.

Termite infestation can Sabotage your sale

When it comes time to sell your home, termites can cause your home’s resale value to plummet. Unfortunately, many buyers consider these pesky visitors one of several home-buying deal breakers, so addressing the concern before putting your house on the market is critical. Otherwise, you’ll fall victim again to the most expensive squatters of all time.





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