6 ways to live a flu-proof life

A lot of people get infected by the flu every year and many of those who contract the virus are unable to fight it and die. The dangers of the flu virus might scare you into thinking that you have no option but to hope for the best. However, that is not the case.

Here are some easy ways you can follow to live a healthy, flu-proof life:

1. Get a flu shot

The most effective measure you can take to prevent getting a flu is to get a vaccine. Flu vaccines stimulate the growth of antibodies in your body. These antibodies will protect you against all the strains of the flu vaccine you have been injected for.

Flu vaccines have proved to be highly effective and it is therefore recommended that everyone over the age of six months, should get a dose of the vaccine annually. Though, you should check with your doctor to see if the vaccine contains anything that you might be allergic to or has any side effects on your pre-existing conditions if you have any.

2. Practice good health habits

General hygiene is a great way to ensure that you do not get the flu. Along with taking vaccines, you must also induct good health habits into yourself. Some of the most basic health habits you need to keep in mind are:

  1. Due to the highly contagious nature of the flu, it is advised that you maintain a distance from people who display any symptoms like coughing.
  2. During the flu season, avoid touching surfaces with your bare hands when in public places.
  3. It is crucial that you wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Try not to touch your face or nose without washing your hands.
  4. If someone at your workplace or in your home displays any symptoms, make sure that you disinfect the surfaces they came in contact with.
  5. In case you notice any symptoms in yourself, you should avoid going to public places till at least a day after you have stopped displaying the symptoms. Contact your doctor at the earliest

3. Take prescribed flu vaccinations

Flu antiviral drugs are medications that can help reduce the severity of the symptoms and can even prevent the flu if taken before getting it. Flu antiviral drugs are effective in people with uncomplicated flu where treatment is not necessary. These medications will produce antibodies in your body to combat the flu virus.

You can consult your doctor and take these medicines before falling ill as it will reduce your chances of getting an infection. You must keep in mind that these medicines are not a substitute for the flu vaccine.

4. Strengthen your immune system

Our immune system is the first line of defense in preventing a viral infection. If you have a strong immune system, the chances of getting the flu would be significantly reduced. To strengthen your immune system, these are some basic practices you must follow:

  • Include sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.
  • Spend a few hours doing physical activities.
  • Get a sufficient amount of sleep every day.
  • Practice relaxing methods to reduce stress and anxiety

If you have allergies or diseases like asthma, your immune system will definitely be weakened despite following these methods. You should consult your doctor and take supplements like Balance of Nature for certain important vitamins that your body might be lacking due to these conditions.

5. Quit smoking

Quitting smoking is a very effective measure against catching the flu as smokers are more prone to be impacted by viral infections including the flu. In non-smokers, chances of displaying severe symptoms are much less compared to those who are regular smokers.

Also, it has been proved through studies that smokers are more likely to die due to the flu than non-smokers. Also, quitting smoking will be beneficial for you and your loved ones’ general health.

6. Wear an N95 mask

Wearing masks as a shield against the harmful air has become a common practice. Masks filter out pollutants present in the air and prevent their entry into your respiratory tract.

For this to be effective, it is essential that the masks cover the whole area from the nose to the chin without any gaps. Traffic police, pedestrians, etc. have started using masks in place of handkerchiefs to protect their lungs. So if you have not started using it, buy an n95 mask online today.

Final thoughts!

It is not that difficult to prevent yourself from getting the flu if you follow all of these above practices devotedly. Despite doing all of this, you might still come in contact with someone who has the flu and might develop certain symptoms.

In that case, do not waste any time and go to the doctor immediately because the faster you are diagnosed, the fast you’ll be able to get treated.