6 ways you can pair flannel shirts with a jacket for the perfect winter outfit


The versatility of the flannel shirt makes it an attractive addition to any wardrobe. Warm, functional, and durable flannel shirts are ideal for a day of work in the yard or a day in the town. Today they are a classic piece that you can wear in almost all seasons. Not only can you wear your flannel with jeans, but it also pairs well with dress slacks or khaki pants for a more professional appearance.

Winter can be a tough season for finding the perfect outfit. I’m sure you’ve spent hours flipping through your closet looking for inspiration, only to come up empty-handed. Less is more when choosing a shirt; solid colors are most common and look best when paired with jeans or slacks. Choose a shirt that best complements your skin tone and hair color. Don’t shy away from plaids, as these also make for an attractive combination with jeans or khakis.

Let’s look at the six ways you can pair flannel shirts with a jacket for the perfect winter outfit.


Jeans are the most popular way to wear a flannel shirts. They’re comfortable, durable, and look great with any color or style of shirt. For a more casual look, wear your flannel shirt with dark wash jeans and some ankle boots for an edgy look. And if you want to buy stylish, high-quality, and affordable womens jeans with deep pockets, visit the given link.

With a Sweater or Blazer

Pairing a plaid flannel shirt with a sweater or blazer is one of the classic combinations for men’s fashion. Both can also be used as an extra layer when layering clothes for winter. This will make you look more professional while still keeping it casual enough to be worn during the day at work or in the evening at dinner. This will keep you comfortable and looking stylish all day long.

Layer Only When Necessary

Flannels by themselves aren’t enough for extreme cold. If you are outdoors in subzero temperatures, wear another layer underneath your shirt as well. A fleece vest is a good option. It adds warmth without looking bulky.

Cowboy or Chukka Boots

Cowboy and Chukka boots are another great way to complete your flannel shirt outfit. They’re comfortable, stylish, and perfect for any occasion. Wear them with jeans or khaki pants for a look that’s sure to impress as an ideal outfit for a day spent outdoors.

Dress Slacks

Wear your flannel shirts with dress slacks when dressing up for work or a formal event. Dress slacks will give you a more professional appearance and show that you’re stylish even when the weather is cold.

Khaki Pants

You can pair your flannel shirt with khaki pants for the perfect winter outfit. Khaki pants are another great option for dressing up your flannel shirt. They can be dressed up or down, making them ideal for any occasion. You can even wear them to work when paired with a button-down shirt and tie.

A flannel shirt looks stylish and can be worn in several different ways. You can incorporate the 6 ways above of pairing your flannel shirts with a jacket for the perfect winter outfit. To complete your outfit, don’t forget to accessorize!

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