7 Benefits of Document Automation for Your Business


Does the word “automation” conjure up fears of a robot takeover?

Make no mistake, the robots are here, but these robots come in peace. Automation is improving productivity in several ways. You can automate your marketing campaigns, content strategies, data collection, and even simple tasks like responding to emails.

Another area where automation is making an impact is document creation. Document automation is automatic document drafting. This innovation has been instrumental to the legal industry, which has to process several types of forms daily.

Other industries that benefit from document automation include real estate, loans and mortgages, financial services, healthcare, tax preparation, manufacturing, and government agencies.

Learn more about the process behind how document automation and document signing software could benefit your company.

How Does Document Automation Work?

The document automation process varies from industry to industry. However, one thing is true across the board. Professionals don’t have to touch word processors again.

Automation software has built-in document templates and can generate forms in minutes. Document creation is just the start. Automation takes care of cumbersome details, like filling out contact information, dates, and instructions.

Automated document software calculates values, numbers, and data sets quickly. This feature is perfect for non-technical financial advisers and lawyers.

Automation takes time out of in-person tasks. For example, before automated document signing software, you had to get a signature in person or through fax. Now, there is cloud-based document software that automates the process in minutes.

Get a signature from anyone in the world and view previously signed forms. Automate email alerts to remind clients about upcoming contracts. Even the document notarization process is automated now!

Nearly every document creation and assembly process can be automated now, whether it’s drawing up a deed or an invoice. Research is essential for choosing the right software, so find out more about the automation process so you understand it inside and out.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of automation for document creation.

1. An Easy Step-By-Step Process

Today’s automated document software is designed for non-technical professionals. This is one reason why automation is essential for large companies. Employees have varying technical knowledge, but document software keeps everyone on the same page.

Software processes vary, but most products come with dashboards, document file storage, collaboration tools, and a simple step-by-step document creation process.

Your employee will start by selecting the document template of their choice, like a contract or tax form. Next, the automated software will walk that employee through a step-by-step process. If you’re using the same forms for each client, your software can fetch the right client names from a database, too.

This step-by-step process is called gamification. It sometimes comes in the form of a simple questionnaire. Gamification also walks clients through the process, so they can fill out forms and send them off quickly.

2. Less Human Error in Document Creation

Automation leaves less room for human error. The wrong number, legal clause, or contact information can throw a full day’s work off track. Automation software reduces the risk of mistakes being made in a rush.

When professionals perform the same routine tasks for hours, errors are more likely to occur. Employees get tired and stressed from other tasks. Automating simple tasks can increase productivity and prevent stress-induced errors.

Imagine how much money you’ll save on wasted paper, misspelled forms, unrecoverable work hours.

3. Save Documents in the Cloud

Are you leveraging the potential of the cloud? Cloud computing is improving workflow, collaboration, marketing, project management, and yes, document creation!

Cloud-based automation software lets managers, employees, and clients access documents from any device. You don’t have to worry about documents getting wiped from your hard drive. Cloud-based document software instantly saves forms and contracts in the cloud.

Cloud technologies are essential for global companies with offices around the world. However, small to mid-sized businesses also benefit from cloud automation.

4. Improve Collaboration at Work

The ability to create, edit, and save documents in the cloud is essential for collaboration. Most cloud-based document software comes with built-in collaboration tools for teams. These features are ideal for Agile-based projects, which are highly collaborative.

The ability to communicate and edit documents in real-time reduces errors and streamlines collaboration between departments.

5. Save Money on Document Creation and Processing

Name a business owner who doesn’t want to save money? Cutting costs is one of the primary reasons why business owners love automation.

Automated document software keeps overhead low. You don’t have to hire extra employees to fill out stacks of forms. You can also cut back on IT staff since automation software comes with remote technical support.

You’ll definitely save money on supplies. Forget those extra trips to the printing store. Save money on paper by processing all of your documents in the cloud.

Document automation gives you a chance to go green. Make a statement by emailing documents instead of mailing them. Secure signature automation makes this possible.

By saving money on document creation and processing, you can invest your money where it counts.

6. Generate More Profits for Your Company

Money isn’t the only thing you’ll save with automation. Your staff will have more time to invest in sales, marketing, and client outreach.

Your star sales executive will have more time to pursue major accounts, instead of spending hours drafting up forms for the last account. Furthermore, clients will enjoy the ease of an automated onboarding process, which makes your employees’ jobs easier.

7. Go Global with Automation

You have dreams of going global. Don’t just dream about scaling. Use automation to get there!

Automation is critical for any business that wants to scale in 2020. Automation will help you expand quicker by taking time out of document creation, assembly, and processing.

Automation can help you expand your global clientele. Use automated software to send and receive documents from clients across the globe. Integrate your automation software with communication tools that allow for quick and easy video conferencing from anywhere in the world.

Discover the Benefits of Automation

Don’t get dragged down by cumbersome document tasks. Discover the benefits of document automation. Create, edit, share, and receive accurate documents in an instant.

Do you have everything you need to realize your goals? Remember these automation tips, and check out the blog for the latest tools for up-in-coming business owners.

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