7 Best Education Logo Design Ideas you Must Try Today

For an education company, building a brand is as important as upholding a good standard of teaching and learning. At present, the first thing for any company is to have a solid presence in any digital space. What helps to get this process started is a good, updated logo design and a relevant name.

When you are planning to design a logo, the basic pointers should be:

  • An in-style design, keeping with the trends
  • Relevance of the design for the company
  • A professional, yet attractive approach
  • A logo that works on any social media platform

Let us see what you should know about this in the year 2021.

The Trends to Look Out For

1.  Iconography: For an education company, there are a number of icons to be chosen for the design. Things like books, stationery items like pens, pencils and rulers, icons of children to symbolize education – all of these can be included in the logo of an education company. Iconography makes for a very important element of a good logo. So when it comes to the niche of education, a good icon can determine whether the logo will work well for the company or not.

2.  Inspirational: One thing that always works well in terms of education is something that motivates the students or something inspirational in general. A good quote that upholds an idea of good learning will always work in favour of a company. It does not have to be an entire quote, since that might be too elaborate for a logo. However, small Latin phrases like Carpe Diem(meaning, “seize the day”) will increase the curiosity of people as well as make for a good design for any company banner/logo. In fact, adding a phrase or quote can work as a motto for the company.

3.  Mascots: Who does not like a little something to identify themselves by? This is what mascots are for and they go a long way to make good logos. An education company is essentially a student-focussed initiative, which is focused on building the careers of young students. So picking out a good and relatable mascot, something the children would enjoy, is a very good idea. In recent trends, we have seen many companies include their mascots as their logos. So when you use an education logo maker, be sure that you have your mascot ready.

4.  Minimalistic: In the case of professional logos, simple designs never fail to surprise. For graphic designs, minimalism is one of the most popular trends that have come up in the past few years. Using a few patterns and fonts – minimalistic designs have often given way to the most relevant designs. Education companies can choose minimalistic designs for their logos, given that they need something relevant and simple.

5.  Geometric designs: Many companies want their logos to be easily recognizable in terms of design, so they go for the classic use of shapes. When creatively used, any kind of geometric shapes can prove to be very useful to make a unique logo. It makes a logo neat, gives space for the name of the company and is readable to all. Therefore, geometric designs in logos are a trend that is never going out of style and can always be used for a good design.

6.  Fun with Colours: If your education company focuses on children, especially an age group of primary and junior schools – be generous with your designs and the colours you are using. Most children love colours and the new combinations that come with them. This is why, for a company’s logo design, there should be a number of bright colours included. It not only helps to attract children but also works as an assurance that your company is a safe and fun space for all its students.

7.  Monograms: If you choose to go for icons and minimalist designs for your logo, you should definitely consider the trend of monograms. Simply put, monograms are two or more characters that are combined in a way that makes it one single unit. They can be designed with patterns, lines and shapes but is considered as one whole design. It is a classic example of an old-school logo that is picking up popularity by the day.

As an education company, keeping up with the time and a dynamic approach to business will always work in your favour. This should not just be limited to teaching but presentation as well. So you should be ready to choose and redesign your logo and give your company a unique identity with time.