7 Biggest Art Museums in the World


Even though witnessing, perceiving, and interpreting art is subjective, certain renowned masterpieces increase the value of museums. Due to this, art museums around the world have gained a significant name, making them completely irresistible. In fact, certain museums rank higher than others just because of cultural popularity rather than the number of annual visitors.

Here is an interesting and intricately curated list of the top 7 art museums for art fanatics.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Van Gogh Museum

If you are a fan of Van Gogh’s art and paintings, this museum should definitely be on your list. It is located in Amsterdam and welcomes around 2 million visitors every year. Upon visiting, you get to see some of his most famous works, which are Self-Portrait, Sunflowers, and The Potato Eaters, among 1300 other pieces. While this museum doesn’t make it to the top 10 in terms of the number of visitors, it ranks second in terms of global reputation ranking.

The Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Louvre Museum

This list cannot be complete without the mention of the Louvre Museum in central Paris. It was open for visitors in 1793 and still attracts millions of people all year round. It is primarily known for its unique collection of paintings, one of which is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The museum is so vast that it is impossible to cover it in a day. Art enthusiasts must take a day off just to visit and admire the masterpieces hung at the Louvre.

The Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

Uffizi Gallery Exterior

Italy, particularly Florence, is well known for its significant history in art and architecture. The Uffizi Gallery attracts millions of visitors annually. This museum displays paintings and popular works of some of the most Famous Artists of all time, which include Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation, Caravaggio’s Medusa, Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo, and Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. These artists are deemed to be legends, which makes the Uffizi Gallery extremely renowned. If you possess a liking for Renaissance paintings, this art gallery should definitely be on your list.

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

State Hermitage Museum

This museum is the second largest in the world and houses more than 3 million works of art. It is located in a complex comprising six buildings. Paintings of famous artists such as Picasso, Titian, Rubens, Leonardo da Vinci, Goya, and Cezanne can be found in this museum. Apart from its exquisite collection of paintings, the State Hermitage Museum is also known for its historical implication regarding the Winter Palace, which was once occupied by Russian emperors.

The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

Museum of Modern Art

If you possess a knack for modern art, visit this museum when you are in New York. With a range of over 200,000 modern paintings, you get to see some famous works such as Salvador Dalí’s The Persistence of Memory, Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night, Frida Kahlo’s Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair, Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, and Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn Monroe. Visiting this museum is a must for all art fanatics who are particularly interested in and want to be inspired by modern and contemporary art.

Museo Nacional Del Prado, Madrid, Spain

Museo Nacional Del Prado

Formerly recognized as the Royal Museum of Paintings, the Prado Museum (as it is called famously) is specifically known for its exquisite collection of paintings by famous Spanish artists, with Diego Velazquez’s work being the highlight. It opened in 1819 and has gained massive popularity ever since. If you plan to visit Madrid, do pay a visit to this museum. Some other famous paintings housed by this museum include Francisco Goya’s The Third of May 1808, Diego Velazquez’s Las Meninas, and Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Vatican Museums, Vatican City, Italy

Vatican Museums spiral staircase

One of the highlights of the Vatican Museums is the ceiling painted by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. More than 4 million visitors gather at this spot annually to witness this masterpiece. Other significant artworks housed at this museum include Caravaggio’s The Entombment of Christ, Raphael Sanzio’s Madonna of Foligno, and Leonardo da Vinci’s St Jerome in the Wilderness. Even though you only have a day to visit the museums, you can plan your visit wisely and cover the most significant parts of the museums. Do not miss the Pinacoteca, which has a range of paintings from the Medieval Age to the 19th century, all spread among 18 rooms.

Other Notable Art Museums to Check Out

While the likes of the Louvre and the Vatican Museums often capture the headlines and the imaginations of art lovers worldwide, the globe is dotted with other extraordinary art museums, each offering a unique glimpse into the world of creativity and history. These institutions, though sometimes lesser-known, house incredible collections that span the gamut of human expression, from ancient artifacts to contemporary masterpieces. Here’s a look at some notable art museums that are well worth a visit for any art enthusiast looking for new inspirations.

Tate Modern, London, UK

Tate Modern

Located on the banks of the Thames, the Tate Modern is Britain’s national museum of modern and contemporary art. Its unique collection includes works by artists such as Picasso, Rothko, Dali, and Matisse. Housed in a former power station, its industrial architecture contrasts with the innovative art housed within. The museum’s commitment to contemporary art is seen through its dynamic exhibitions and installations, which frequently change, offering something new with each visit. Its emphasis on interactive and immersive art experiences makes it a pioneer in presenting contemporary art in engaging ways.

The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

The Art Institute of Chicago is renowned for its diverse collection that spans thousands of years, including pieces from ancient Egypt to the modern day. It is particularly famed for its collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, including more than 30 works by Claude Monet, as well as notable pieces by Renoir, Seurat, and Van Gogh. The museum’s extensive American art collection, showcasing works from the 18th century to the present, provides a comprehensive overview of American artistic evolution. Its architectural design and the iconic lion statues guarding its entrance make it an emblematic presence in the city.

Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou, located in the heart of Paris, stands out with its innovative, high-tech architectural design. Known for its distinctive exterior of exposed colored tubing and structural elements, it houses the National Museum of Modern Art, which is the largest museum for modern art in Europe. The museum’s collection spans from the 20th century to the present day, featuring key works by artists such as Matisse, Duchamp, Picasso, and Kandinsky. Beyond its impressive collection, the Centre Pompidou is a cultural hub that hosts a wide array of public programs, including live performances, cinema screenings, and educational workshops, making art accessible to a broad audience.

Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City, Mexico

The Museo Nacional de Arte (MUNAL) in Mexico City is a treasure trove of Mexican art from the mid-16th century to the mid-20th century. Housed in a neoclassical building that is a work of art in itself, MUNAL offers an in-depth look at the development of Mexican art and culture through its extensive collection. It features works by some of Mexico’s most famous artists, including Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. The museum not only celebrates the rich heritage of Mexican art but also fosters an appreciation for the country’s profound historical and cultural narratives.

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia

The National Gallery of Australia holds the largest public art collection in the country, with over 160,000 works of art. It is particularly noted for its Indigenous Australian art collection, which is among the most significant in the world, offering a profound insight into the rich cultural traditions of Australia’s First Peoples. The museum also boasts an impressive collection of Australian, Asian, European, and American art, providing a comprehensive overview of art history from various corners of the globe. The building’s striking architecture, featuring a series of interconnected spaces and a picturesque sculpture garden, complements the artistic wonders found inside.


While several other museums are renowned worldwide, these are a must-visit for every art enthusiast. Even if you are not into art, visiting these museums will definitely widen your perspective and teach you more about the world. Make sure to visit these at least once in your life.

In exploring the largest art museums globally, we delve into the grandeur of human creativity throughout history. For a glimpse into antiquity, explore What Are the Oldest Museums in the World? to uncover the origins of museum culture.

Additional Suggestions

  • If you could only visit one museum in your lifetime, the Louvre Museum should be enough since it is home to some of the most iconic art pieces in history.
  • The State Hermitage Museum should also be a must-visit tourist place just because of its size and its impressive collection of classic art pieces.
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