7 Corporate Gift Ideas To Wow Your Clients


Custom stamps are a great gift idea. Simply stamps is a great way to easily help you create your custom embosser stamps or wood handle address stamps – or any stamps for that matter. A great gift for anyone working in the corporate environment. If you have a client who’s been continuously doing business with you for a long time or you’re just grateful for your employees’ hard work, then gifting is one way to do it. Corporate gifts are one way to say ‘thank you’ without actually saying it. Gifting can help strengthen client and company relationships and promote loyalty. As for employees, they feel valued and encouraged to work more. It can serve as a way to recognize them for their service.

Think about something to remember the company by. It can be an item that can be used every day by both the receiver and their family. Handing over a luxurious client gift bag guarantees a good impression of your business as it shows how you express gratitude to people who trust you. Picture a room in the house where you’d most likely go to often and then think about objects in that area. Moreover, the wow factor is in the effort, personalization, customization, and engravings. Throw in a note of appreciation and call it a day.

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Here are some corporate gift ideas you can choose from:

1. Leather Business Gifts

When you’re choosing something for a corporate gift, you want to make sure it has high perceived value to provide the maximum benefit to who is receiving a gift. A great example of this is the Von Baer Corporate Gifts range, which includes leather wallets and leather bags. These items have a high perceived value and usefulness, making them very effective gifts.

2. Keychain

No matter how digital and techy the world gets, people still use keys to unlock their homes, cars, and desks. They’ll use the keychain and see it hanging on their walls or on top of their tables every day. The good thing about keychains is that you can customize them. It can be made out of plastic, resin, wood, leather, and metal in different shapes and sizes. And for the final touches, you can add either the company logo or the slogan with their name or initials.

3. tationery Set

It’s nice to jot down notes on the computer, tablet, and laptop. But if a meeting is strictly confidential, electronic devices aren’t allowed, or there’s a power outage or technical problems, you’d have no choice but to use a pen and paper. These don’t run on batteries. Furthermore, handwritten notes help the brain retain information. Therefore, gifting a stationery set is a good idea, and you can have it customized.

Here are the things you can put in the stationery set:

  • Notebook Or Journal. They can use it however they want to, and it can be their diary of some sort.
  • They can plan out their schedules and list tasks.
  • Fountain Pen. This is useful almost everywhere, from signing documents, forms, and bills. They’ll surely keep this in their bag at all times.
  • It can be a wooden or steel stamp. A few people prefer stamps over signatures after reviewing files and documents.

You can also include office supplies like a stapler, notepads or post-it notes, scissors, and paper clips, among others. Wrap it up in a box and send it or personally hand it over.

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4. Kitchen Appliance

It’s the kind of gift that the recipient and their family will see and use every day. After waking up, most people head to the kitchen to drink a glass of water or grab a bite or get a cup of coffee. You may also throw in matching dinnerware sets, personalized mugs, or tea sets if you’re feeling a little fancy.

5. Personalised cups

Personalised cups make excellent corporate gifts for several reasons. Firstly, they offer a personal touch that demonstrates thoughtfulness and appreciation towards clients, employees, or business partners. By customizing cups with company logos, names, or messages, they serve as powerful branding tools, reinforcing brand visibility and recognition with every use. Additionally, personalised cups are practical and versatile gifts that can be used daily, whether for coffee breaks in the office or at home, ensuring continued exposure and positive association with the company. Their utility and customizability make them memorable tokens of gratitude that foster stronger relationships and goodwill within the corporate sphere.

6. Travel Essentials

Airline tickets can expire, so try gifting travel essentials instead. You’d be surprised to know that some people frequently travel, and the travel essentials will come in handy. It can be a set of hand-carry luggage, a tote bag, passport holder, luggage tag, and a neck pillow. They’ll always bring this gift wherever they decide to go in the world. It’ll also serve as a free advertisement with your company’s logo on the tag.

7. Indoor Plants And Succulents

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Plants are good for the health as they improve the quality of air. It can lighten anyone’s mood just by simply looking at them. It can also be a decorative piece at home or the desk. Plants will give life to the working space as well. There are easy to care for succulents and plants that don’t need frequent watering. However, it’s best to add a note on how to care for the plants.

Here are a few plants you can give to your client:

  • Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata). It can be placed in the pot and hung from the ceiling. This plant doesn’t need that much sunlight.
  • Donkey’s Tail (Sedum morganianum). This doesn’t need to be watered frequently, but it’s best to put it in a sunny spot. Place it in a personalized pot.
  • Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides). It’s easy to propagate and can be watered weekly.
  • Echeveria Devotion (Echeveria pulvinata). This is a rose-shaped succulent that can thrive by putting it in sunlight for at least four hours.


Corporate gifts are an excellent way to express your gratitude to your clients for buying from you or doing business with your company. Moreover, you can give your client or employee anything. But if you want to be more specific or you simply don’t have an idea what to give, you can always ask them. There’s no shame and harm in that; they’ll appreciate you for your gesture and your honesty. Otherwise, if you wish to surprise them, you can refer to the list above.

Furthermore, gifts are just aids; you should always do well in your business and deal with your clients better. It shouldn’t seem like a bribe or compensation for lousy service. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.


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