7 Developmental Stages To Prepare For


Having a baby for the first time is one of the most magical things that can happen to anyone. It’s a life-changing event that will turn your life around. If you have been single for a long time, you may be used to minding your own business and preparing the future just for yourself. However, once your child arrives, all your goals and aspirations in life will change.

Being a parent means being responsible for another human being’s evolution – from the moment their first breath and up to the time that they’re old enough to take care of themselves, or sometimes even after then. It’s no piece of cake, indeed. It requires a lot of preparation and patience to help them become strong individuals. Don’t worry, in this article, we will help you prepare for your baby’s milestones.

7 Developmental stages in your baby’s life

One of the most crucial parts in a baby’s life is its developmental stage. In layman’s terms, it’s the period where they will start doing their firsts and discovering new skills. Let us help you prepare for these magical yet important moments.

1.  Their first step

Every parent remembers the first time their baby took the first step. More than just a turning point for a baby’s life, it’s also a symbol that your baby is becoming a toddler. There are different ways to prepare your baby for the moment. First, ensure that they wear baby shoes for pre-walkers. These are like training shoes to make them feel at ease of the feeling of wearing one. Remember, your baby was born with bare feet, so they are not accustomed yet to the idea of having something wrapped in their feet. Wearing these pre-walker baby shoes can help them be more comfortable in the long run.

2.  Their first solid sleep

There’s no doubt that babies are well-known for waking up in the wee hours. It often happens to newborn babies simply because they are still in the discovering stage of their sleeping habits. Once your baby finally found their sleeping patterns, you should keep it comfy for them so it will not be disrupted. One of the best things to prepare for this milestone is by giving them a sleeping area with a peaceful ambiance. As much as possible, it’s best to have their own rooms so they will not be disrupted in case someone comes in. However, if it’s not possible, just make sure that the room will not be disturbed while your baby is asleep.

3.  The first time they sit up

Aside from walking, their first sit up is also a remarkable moment. Sitting up is the first sign that a baby has strong bones to carry almost half of its body weight. If you feel like your baby is already near this stage, it’s best to surround its bed with pillows or other soft cushions to ensure that they will not accidentally bump somewhere in case they all. Their first few tries will surely make them fall, so it’s best to ready yourself for that. If they are often in a crib, it’s best to have higher railings for them to have better protection.

4.  Their first crawl

Once they learned how to sit, they will probably attempt crawling. This is another milestone that every parent should prepare for. Once your baby hits this stage, you may have to start baby-proofing the place. You can start by placing a soft carpet or other floor guards so they will not hurt their knees and hands. You should also keep them away from hard furniture that may hurt them. If you have a space at home, it’s best to create a play area or den where they can explore safely.

5.  The first time they eat on their own

The first time they eat on their own

Most parents train their kids by letting them eat on their own. In their 4th or 6th month, you can start allowing your babies to eat on their own using their hands. In that way, they can develop their arms strength and logic as well. To prepare for this milestone, make sure that you have a high chair with a table where they can eat. Make sure to disinfect it as well before using it, and there are no other elements there that can be harmful to them. Remember, babies have no idea which one is food and which one is dust. They will surely eat whatever touches their hands.

6.  Their first time playing with toys

In relation to the above milestone, you should also prepare for the first time that your baby will play with toys. As much as possible, ensure that there are no small pieces that they can accidentally swallow. When buying baby’s toys, always read the packaging as it always suggests as to which month/old it is appropriate to use. Remember, you want them to happy but safe at the same time.

7.  Their first word

This is something that most parents should really prepare for. At around 7 months to 1 year old, babies already have fully developed hearing. For some babies, it may be earlier than that. Because of that, parents should be very cautious with the words that they will say when around babies. There is a high chance that they will try to copy the words you’re saying. You don’t want your baby’s first word to be a curse, right?

Prepare for your baby’s milestones!

Every baby is different. Each of them has its own timing and developmental stages. But one thing is for sure, no matter when it will be, you need to ensure that they will be safe and well-supported when these milestones happen.


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