7 Effective Ways to Stay Relaxed During Stressful Times

Stress is an uncalled yet deep-seated guest in our life. It comes and goes in phases. The human brain and body are equipped with a coping mechanism of releasing hormones whenever in stress or situations of danger that calms us soon enough.

However, hormones do not always suffice. Poor stress coping mechanisms accompanied by a prolonged period of pressure does no good for the mind and body. Therefore, some endeavors have to be utilized to keep the mind and body calm while under pressure. Here we have discussed few-

Breathe Calmly

Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and slowly exhale it. Repeat this process for a few minutes. Being focused on breathing helps reduce the secretion of stress-causing hormones and relaxes the mind slowly.

It is also done because while under stress and anxiety, we need to take shallow breaths to excessive inhalation and exhalation. The brain finds itself suffocating on oxygen which then identifies as stress.


Validate your emotions and admit that you are upset. Invalidating or neglecting stress harms your self-esteem and creates barriers to insecurity. Therefore, acknowledgement is a primary step to cope with pressure because you will ultimately notice a sense of relief as if a burden has been taken off your shoulders.

Vent It Out

Bottling up emotions induces internal pain in mind and makes you vulnerable to stress-related disorders even more. Venting out emotions does not mean throwing fit and hitting or screaming at the wall. It only increases the anger levels.

Instead, exercise via jogging, running or go to the gym. Physical activity acts as an outlet for bottled emotions. While exercising, the happy hormones are secreted that rejuvenates the body and facilitates coping up with the stress.

Or, you may write down the reason and feelings that make you feel anxious. Maintaining a journal where you can express your emotions validates your feelings and releases your subdued anger.

Be Grateful

Surround yourself with positivity. If you are feeling alone, then meet up with your close friends and kin for support. It makes you feel confident as well as gives you a sense of support.

Shift your focus and viewpoint—distract yourself from the stress inflicting negative factors and incline towards the positive factors in your life. Be grateful every day for what you have in your life. Maintain a diary where you write 5 things that happened in a day, and you are happy about it.

If none work or you are still feeling anxious and stressed, here are some additional methods to try that will help alleviate your stress levels.

Go To Walk or Meditate

Sometimes stress can be triggered because of a closed-off space or loneliness in the house. Going out enables you to be open and give a space for the outlet of your emotions.

But the ongoing pandemic might not make it possible for you to go out. Therefore, you can practice meditation and do basic yoga at home. Yoga involves the conjoining of mind and body to an entity surrounded by the aura of peace.

Listen To Music

Listening to your favorite music from a playlist that elevates your happy hormones or any soothing music that suits your ears is also an effective way to calm the stress levels.

It is so because when the mind gets entangled in the throes of music. This results in the reduction of stress-causing hormones and eventual relief.

Medical Attention

You may seek medical attention if you are constantly stressed. You will be prescribed medicines by psychiatrists and given therapy by a psychologist. The psychiatrists might also give you CBD, cannabidiol because the promising results of CBD for anxiety and to cure depression have been well-known. It has no significant side effects if used in minimal and prescribed amounts.

According to a mental health survey in the UK, 2018, 74% of those under severe stress have been overwhelmed and unable to cope, while 32% have confessed to having suicidal thoughts. As per the Global Organization for Stress survey, 80% of people are stressed at work.

Therefore, prioritizing mental health and coping well with pressure has become even more critical in recent times than living the bustling lifestyle.