7 Great DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Apartment

You may not match the interior design skills of a professional, but you can still add a bit of flair to your apartment with some DIY projects. From repurposing furniture to adding art and accessories for colour, these seven projects will make your home feel more like you in no time—at a low cost.

Paint Your Walls a Bold, New Color

Painting your walls a bold, new colour is one of the easiest and most fun ways to add some excitement to your apartment. It can be as simple as choosing a colour that reflects your personality or making sure it makes you happy every time you look at it.

But there’s more to painting than just choosing a colour and buying the paint. You must plan ahead, ensure you have all the necessary supplies, and clean up afterwards. You can get everything you need for this project at good home decor stores online.

Install New Shelves for More Storage Space

Shelves can be installed in many places around your apartment, from the walls to the tops of doors. They can be painted or stained and used for storage, displaying collections, or both. You can make them out of wood or metal, and they’ll add a lot of visual interest wherever you decide to put them.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Replacing old faucets and showerheads can make your bathroom look like new. Old faucets can be replaced with new ones from the hardware store, and if you’re handy with tools, fixing a broken showerhead is also an option.

Replacement toilet seats are also a great way to spruce up your bathroom without spending much money. If you’re looking for something more exciting than replacing old toilet seats or showerheads, consider removing those ugly curtains by installing beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows!

Create a Home Office

Having a home office is essential for those who work from home, but it’s also a great way to add some personality and style to your apartment. Whether you’re running a business or doing freelance work on the side, having a designated space for work will help keep your living area free of clutter and distractions. You can get all the supplies you need from home decor stores online.

Hang Curtain Rods

Your apartment may be small, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang curtains. If you’re not ready to commit to moving permanently into a loft space, one way to help make your place feel like an actual home is by hanging curtain rods. It’s important to remember that there are no universal best practices when hanging a curtain rod—you need to find the right one for your specific needs and setup.

Swap Out Old Cabinet Doors

Replacing your cabinet doors is a great way to make your kitchen feel brand new. It can also be a good way to give your apartment a whole new look since it’s one of the most noticeable features in any room. Choosing new cabinet doors that match the rest of your kitchen will help everything blend together seamlessly.

Try an Indoor Garden

If you’re looking for a way to get your hands dirty, try planting a small indoor garden in a pot or planter. You can also grow herbs and vegetables on your balcony if there is enough space. Indoor gardens can be made from terracotta pots to clay pots and jars, depending on what you want to grow inside them. It doesn’t have to be complicated either; if you don’t have any experience with gardening before, just start with small plants such as basil or mint that are easy to grow at home.


The key to creating a livable space has the right tools on hand. If you’re looking for inspiration and don’t know where to start, these seven ideas should get you going in the right direction. And if you have any other DIY tips for apartment living that we didn’t mention here, please let us know in the comments!