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7 Mistakes Every Insurance Agency Owner Should Avoid

7 Mistakes Every Insurance Agency Owner Should Avoid

When it comes to starting a business, the learning curve is often very steep. It takes a lot of time and effort to start grasping what you need to do to keep your company going and succeed. It is by far one of the most challenging quests you could ever take on, but it is also extremely rewarding on so many levels. Still, you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes; on the contrary, you should embrace them. This is how you learn and grow. Yet, in some businesses, mistakes can be costly, like in the insurance world.

These are 7 mistakes that you should definitely avoid as an insurance agency owner

1. Lack of Proper Knowledge of State Laws and Regulations

Before you even consider starting an insurance business, you have to carefully study state laws and regulations. This isn’t exactly an optional study material, but rather a must. It is how you can set your policies as well as your terms and conditions. There is a governmental regulation of insurance to protect consumers from greedy companies and unfair business owners. You cannot afford to neglect understanding and thoroughly complying with those laws. Doing so risks having your business shut down or going through other legal complications.

2. Not Training Your Sales Agents

While sales agents are very valuable and important assets to any business, in the insurance world, they are the most important part of your company. This is why you have to invest in their development and training. Your salespeople need to be very good at handling customers and dealing with their complaints, questions, and fears. As you can see in this guide on selling insurance policies, everybody needs insurance; it’s just how you sell it to them that makes a difference. You have to teach your employees when to push for more and when to back off because nobody likes a pushy salesperson. They need to have a systematic approach and be prepared to handle any situation they face with prospects, and only good training will accomplish that.

3. Providing Poor Customer Service

An insurance company is as good as the customer service it provides. When it comes to insurance policies, people always have questions and concerns, and your people need to be always available to solve those problems. Your duties don’t end when you sell the policy; they begin. After-sales support is crucial in the insurance world, and it is how you develop a loyal customer base. Make sure your clients are always satisfied so they would stick around and keep doing business with your agency.

4. Putting Too Much Focus on Product Knowledge

Product knowledge is integral in the insurance world, and you have to ensure that your agents thoroughly understand each of your policies down to the tiniest details. Yet, this cannot be your main concern when it comes to sales training. When you encourage your people to be experts on products and nothing else, they become robots who just recite policy information to prospects, which isn’t really an efficient way to sell. You have to teach your agents how to be empathetic and how to listen to the customers’ problems because this is how they can offer them a quality service. Once you identify a prospect’s angle, you can more efficiently sell your services.

5. Absence of a Review System

Mistakes can and will happen, in insurance agencies and any other business for that matter. You need to learn from your mistakes, and this is why you cannot afford to not have a review system in place. If a sale doesn’t go through or a problem happens with a policy, you need to have people reviewing this problem to identify what went wrong so you could work on it.

6. Weak Prospecting

If you want your insurance agency to work, you need to have solid action plans for all your agents on how they will prospect. These plans need to be weekly or monthly, and they have to be constantly reviewed. This is the only way you will be able to find and target new prospects.

7. Creating an Unhealthy Work Environment

The insurance business can get quite competitive, and it is a cutthroat field to get into. The biggest mistake an insurance agency owner can make is not addressing this problem. You need to make sure that you’ve created a healthy working environment for your people where competition is encouraged, but not at the expense of friendships and office relations.

As we mentioned earlier, the learning curve can be a bit steep with insurance businesses, but it’s nothing that you won’t get a hang of with time. You need to keep these points in mind so you can get off to a solid start without any complications.

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