7 Practical Tips for Living the Dream

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “living the dream”besides some memes? A lot of people probably don’t even think about anything since the word is considered vague and mere fantasy, but living the dream isn’t just a meme. Well, I can’t blame them since it is difficult to know exactly what it means to live the dream life.

But, living the dream is a real thing and some people can attest to that. The thing is that everyone has their own version of dream life and different ways of achieving it.

That’s why, in this article, I want to talk more about some practical tips for living the dream. How to turn your dream into reality without doing the impossible.

1. You need to focus

Life has many choices and decisions to make. If you want to start pursuing your dream life, you have to start making the right choices and decisions. Whenever you are presented with multiple choices, try to see which choices are important to you.

Not everything is worth your time and attention. You should always remember that all the time. Some choices and decisions will be much more difficult to make than the rest. But it is part of the process, and if you focus you should be able to make the right answer.

2. find out what your dreams are

This might be more difficult than you’d imagine. A lot of people still can’t figure out what their dream lives are going to be, some people don’t even realize they are already living their dream lives.

I think the best way is to write down your dreams. Maybe by writing it down, you will realize one or two new things about your dreams. For example, a scenario that you thought was a dream life for you turned out to be nothing special at all.

So, write your dreams down and see what you can learn from your writing. Perhaps you’ll be able to figure out your true dream life and how to get it.

3. Seek assistance

There is nothing with trying to get help from other people, especially those who share the same dreams. Perhaps, their experiences and knowledge could help you get closer to your dream life. And when you know what to do and get some experience yourself, it will be your turn to help others.

4. Never compare yourself to others

Let’s say that your dream life is something simple: owning a small house in a nice area and doing something that you love for a living. And then you learn that your friend has a dream of living in a big mansion.

Living the dream means living the best life for you, no matter how simple it is. It is the same thing with the journey. Other people might have a head start or already well ahead of you. But that’s okay, everyone is chasing their dream at their own pace.

5. Expect the unexpected

So, you already know what your version of living the dream is. And you know how to get there. Nevertheless, don’t think that things will always go smoothly from now on.

Things could go bad at any time, and you should always be prepared for the worst. Have a backup plan and a backup plan for the backup plan. This way when things go south, you won’t feel despair and stuck.

6. Get out of your comfort zone

Living the dream isn’t easy to get. The journey you need to take is going to be scary and overwhelming at times. Taking that first step outside of your comfort zone could be the hardest thing that you have to do.

Don’t let your fear scare you away and don’t delay either. Procrastination is the number one dream killer. There is also a saying: if you’re feeling uncomfortable, that means you’re learning something new.

7. It’s okay to change your dream

People always learn from their experiences. The experience and knowledge that you get as you grow up, could give you a new perspective of life. The effect is that your version of living the dream might change as well.

If this happens to you, remember the steps above. Start from the beginning again and apply what you already know toward chasing the new dreams. Now it is your turn to know what it’s like to experience living the dream.