7 Questions to Ask During a Free Case Consultation


Finding a good lawyer can be challenging but exciting at the same time especially when done diligently and with caution. Lawyers will usually offer you a free consultation to discuss the details of your case and see if you can have a claim.

Depending on your condition at the time of this meeting, asking the right questions is essential in helping you find a lawyer that shares your values and is competent to represent you. To help you get the most out of your free consultation, Flanger Law firm has provided you with 7 important questions to ask your lawyer, you can also see more about Flagler law firm here.

How Long Have You Practiced Law?

The free consultation is the best time to find out more about the lawyer you are looking to assist you in your case. Find out how long they have been practicing law and what their track record is.

A good lawyer should have years of experience actively practicing their specified type of law. This should be coupled with a list of successful cases they were involved with. This should the main criterion you use when evaluating whether to work with a certain lawyer or law firm.

The Types of Clients You Have Dealt With

In your free consultation, ensure you find out the type of clients that the attorney deals with regularly. This is a filter mechanism that you can use to find out if the lawyer would fit your needs. One of the key things you could find you could find out with this question is the financial backgrounds of the lawyer’s previous clients. Some lawyers specialize in helping low-income clients while others represent high-income clients.

What are the Possible Outcomes?

A lawyer with years of experience and an extensive portfolio of previous successful cases will be in a position to gauge and estimate the potential outcome of your case. Although they might not be certain, they would have the ability to determine whether you stand a chance to win by just looking at the strength of your case.

How Much Do You Charge?

Legal fees tend to be very complicated and hardly predictable. Ask your lawyer about the fee they will charge you for representation. This can be calculated in different ways depending on their fee structure and schedule of payment. In most cases, lawyers require an hourly rate that bills all the hours they spend working on your case.

Also, others bill you for your entire case duration either with some payment before the start of your case or in installment throughout and after your case. Personal injury lawyers and divorce lawyers may charge differently, that is, a percentage of the total amount of settlement received.

Remember to also ask about the expenses that will be incurred during the case. Ask your lawyer who will be responsible for covering these expenses as they can easily add up over time and may become a problem when not discussed in advance.

Who Will Handle My Case?

You should find out who will be dealing with the day-to-day activities of your case. Your lawyer may delegate part of your case’s activities to paralegals or other associates in the law firm. Depending on the extent to which these associates act on your case especially if they are making a critical decision, you are free to determine whether to continue with the lawyer or look for help somewhere else.

What Strategy Will You Use?

Although most lawyers will not fully disclose their strategies to you especially during the initial consultation, you should be able to know a few key ones they are likely to use. Ask them about the previous cases they have handled and how the strategy worked not forgetting to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the same strategy.

How Will We Communicate?

This is an important question to ask your lawyer especially if you are billed for each hour of the case. The lawyer should provide you with information on the best time to communicate, who will be responsible for updating you on the case, and which means will the information be shared.

To find more about this issue, seek testimonials from previous clients and find out how frequently the lawyer was communicating to them and through which means was this being done. This will enable you to avoid surprises and being left in the dark during your case.

We believe in ensuring that justice is served and that it is done efficiently and affordably. Having the right information will help you find the best lawyer that is both qualified and experienced in the type of case you have. This will ensure that you do not waste your money or time.

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