7 Reasons to Rent a Car on Your Next Dubai Trip


Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the world that many wish to visit. It is home to iconic spots such as the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Museum, the historic Bastakiya, the Dubai Frame, the Dubai Aquarium, the Burj al-Arab, the Jumeirah Beach, and so much more. Dubai is no doubt the “City of Gold,” with its booming tourism and economic growth. And since there are many places worth visiting and witnessing, you’ll be moving and traveling a lot around in the city. Hence, one of the best steps to take when going on a trip is going online and looking up car rental Dubai for ease and convenience. 

Car rental in Dubai is also one of the ideal choices even when you’re traveling alone for a business trip, or if you’re on vacation with friends and family. And if you’re still hesitant about renting a car for your Dubai trip, here are some benefits that may help convince you. 

1. No Need to Tire Yourself on Public Transportation 

Many will agree that public transport is such a hassle, especially if you’re not familiar with a place. It can waste a lot of time, can be very tiring, and unpredictable at times. Figuring out where to go and what to ride can take up your hours. The transport can be crowded and waiting for them to come can be pretty tiring, especially on your feet. And even if you do follow the schedules, there will be chances you can miss them sometimes because they were already too crowded when they came in. 

Dubai public transportation also often does not give an end to end rides. This means you will need to walk to get to stations and your destinations. Plus, Dubai can be pretty hot, which makes walking uncomfortable.

2. You Can Use Rented Cars for Long Travels

As mentioned before, public transportation has limited routes. Hence, if you’re traveling to and fro locations quite far, you’ll need to transfer from different modes of public transport. But with a rented car of your liking, you can travel any distance you want and drive as much as you want. Plus, you can stopover in between your drive and find more unexpected spots.

3. Driving Your Rented Car Helps You Familiarize the City 

When we ride public transport, we often rely on it to take us where we want to go. And so, we may not pay attention to the direction we came from or where we’re headed to. But with your own rented car, you can familiarize the place and learn to go around the city independently. Plus, if you feel that you’ve lost or don’t trust yourself enough, you can always bring out your phone and get help from apps like Google Maps or Waze. There’s also no harm in asking for directions from the locals.

4. You Can Save More Money 

Sure, public transportation can be cheaper. But calculate your overall expenses for public transport for the whole duration of your trip, and you’ll find that it actually is quite costly. And while you can always take taxis to take you to specific places, they’ll charge more, especially if you’re going to landmarks and spots that are farther from the city. 

5. The Roads Are Safe 

If you’re worried about trouble on the road, you’ll find that the streets and roads of Dubai are very much safe and designed for cars. You can also be assured that street signs are very readable and visible. 

6. Ready Anytime

When you rent a car, you can pretty much go wherever in the city anywhere and anytime you want. There will be no need to wait for schedules. If you feel like going around for a night drive, a rented car will free you from thinking about your safety walking and exploring around in a city you’re not familiar with.

7. There Are Many Choices of Vehicles

Car rental in Dubai offers you a range of cars for you to pick from so you can be as comfortable as you want on your trip. There are many brands with different features available. Whether you’re looking for a car good for a family of four or a group of eight friends, you’ll surely find options suited to your needs. Perhaps you can even find a car that’s the same model as yours, so you feel right at home. 

All in all, renting a car on your Dubai trip will provide you a lot of comfort and convenience. And with that, you’ll be able to find your trip to the city more enjoyable and memorable.

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