7 Reasons Why Companies Need To Use Staffing Agency

Staffing agency perform recruitment and selection processes for organizations that don’t have the time, expertise or resources necessary to manage the employment processes. Some staffing agency provide temporary workers, and others provide candidates for temp-to-hire. Regardless of the employment type, there are certain advantages to employers’ use of staffing agency, including expertise, cost, availability of workers and employee retention.

Staffing agency often have a level of expertise that far exceeds some employers’ human resources departments. Hiring recruiters, employment specialists and an employment or recruiting manager to supervise staff could require a lengthy recruiting period to find qualified employees.

Staffing agency provide services that rival the best qualified recruiters and employment specialists, usually at a lower cost. Employees of staffing agency generally have a higher level of expertise related to job knowledge, employment trends and recruitment practices by virtue of continuous placement of employees. They also have industry expertise if they work for staffing agency that specialize in certain fields, such health care providers.

Using staffing agency can result in lower costs associated with hiring adequate staff to recruit applicants. However, because staffing agency manage the entire employment process, they also relieve employers of costs related to pre-employment testing, background investigations and drug screening. In addition, employers save money related to the expense of payroll processing and benefits administration. Small employers find that they can rely on staffing agency to provide them with qualified employees at remarkable savings.

Staffing agency have a larger network of available workers than do many employers. Employers looking to hire seasonal workers, for example, would need to advertise job openings, interview candidates and process new hire documentation for a relatively short period of employment.

Staffing agency, on the other hand, may have relationships with workers they’ve already identified as dependable, reliable and conscientious and who can fill a vacancy in a matter of days, or even hours. The network that staffing agency maintain is a broad one from which they can tap potential employees who can fill any position an employer might have or anticipate.

Employers that engage the services of staffing agency for temporary employees get an opportunity to observe employee performance, qualifications and work habits before offering the temporary worker a permanent job. This can cut down on turnover once the trial period is complete and both the employee and employer are satisfied the job is a good fit. Using staffing agency for high-volume placements can result in tremendous savings related to turnover, training costs and the intangible costs of turnover, such as employee morale.

How Staffing Agency Work

A staffing agency, also called a temp agency, can help bridge the gap for people stuck between jobs or for businesses that need to fill out the ranks but are having difficulty finding qualified employees. A temp agency has an army of workers with a variety of skills at its disposal. The hiring process is convenient for both the employee and the business because the staffing agency handles much of the paperwork.

1. Remote Staffing & Recruiting

Regardless of you’re of office location, we have a vast reach of reliable remote candidates for your business or team. From virtual assistants to remote executive leaders, we have you covered.

2. Temporary Staffing.

We specialize in finding the best temporary matches for your brand and business. Our immediate recruiting services and ongoing support ensures that your temporary employees are effective & successful. Our team makes temporary staffing easy.

3. Direct Hire Recruiting.

We specialize in finding the best temporary matches for your brand and business. Our immediate recruiting services and ongoing support ensures that your temporary employees are effective & successful. Our team makes temporary staffing easy.

4. Function for Businesses

How the staffing agency works varies from agency to agency, but the typical temp employment service company handles hiring and terminations, as well as employment taxes such as payroll, Medicare and Social Security, according to inc.com. Usually, the client only has to specify the number of workers needed, the time period they are needed for and an hourly rate, which can be negotiated.

5. Function for Employees

For employees, staffing agency seek to find appropriate jobs. Most of the time the agency offers only temporary work because the client has seasonal needs. As a prospective employee, you sign up with the agency and review your qualifications and skills, and the agency looks for businesses that can use your experience.

Other types of employment agency, such as consultants or recruiters, are for businesses looking to hire permanent help. Employment consults help the prospective employee find a job in return for a cut of her salary but offer no guarantee of employment; many states have outlawed this type of staffing agency, according to collegegrad.com

Executive agency are exclusive businesses that look for talent rather than accepting applications, and charge the employer a fee for their services.

6. Benefits

Employers often like hiring temporary workers because they typically do not receive fringe benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans, according to Employment Spot. Temp workers tend to need less training since they are sent to the company because they already possess certain skills. Companies can also avoid many wrongful termination suits by using a staffing agency.

On the flip side, employees get a more flexible schedule and can often take off long periods of time because they are not attached to any one company. Temps get to either hone their craft or develop a new one in several different environments.

7. Potential

In rare circumstances a temp job may lead to a full-time job offer by the client, according to Jobseekers Advice. If a temp worker receives a job offer, the agency may charge the client a percentage of the annual salary for the right to hire the worker. Many agency include a provision to guard against this scenario.


This lists just some of the reasons companies use temp staffing agency. Through their industry experience, insider knowledge and flexible staffing options, a temp agency can help increase your productivity and save you money.