7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still a Powerful Tool


Marketing is an essential aspect of businesses. It is the only method to create more awareness about your business and find new clients. However, marketing practices can be costly, and that’s why businesses have found new useful and affordable marketing methods. Email marketing is one of those top methods which companies use to market their products. If you have not used it, then you are probably missing a lot. Check out these seven compelling reasons why email marketing is still a great tool.

  • Low Cost

Email marketing offers a cheap yet effective way of reaching out to your customers. All you need is to identify your audience and then segment them according to their demographic factors. That is, grouping your potential customers according to factors like age, education level, gender, level of income, etc. It would help if you also created a checklist containing all their email addresses. When you have the above details, you can use the free email apps to send emails to more than 2000 customers at a go. You may only encounter the costs of collecting customer information, paying for internet connection, and power.

  • Emails are Easy to Share

As earlier mentioned, more satisfied customers will keep your business on top of their minds. Some will even forward your promotional emails to their friends as a way of expanding your network. For best results, experts from SEOSorcerer.com recommend marketers to create SEO – customized emails. SEO optimization encourages effective sharing and immediate attraction of leads. However, the email content must include links and the right keywords to enable potential customers to navigate your site and learn more about your brand. If you optimize it well, the email content can attract more traffic to the business.

  • The Ease of Use

There are no complexities when it comes to sending emails. All you need is the basic knowledge of the application of the platform. You also need to be keen on the quality of the content you send to your customers. For quality content, you should have good communication skills and be well-versed with your products and services. Your mails must deliver value to attract leads. Business owners who know how to use emails effectively enjoy high conversion rates and hence higher profits. It goes without saying; businesses will stick to strategies that help them achieve their goals efficiently. 

  • Compatibility With Smart Devices

The evolution of mobile technology has taken email marketing to another level. According to statistics, eight out of every ten people with smart devices view their emails via their phones. Email marketing is thus a great way to reach out to both potential and existing customers. It will be a bad idea for any business to adopt another advertising strategy when they know the effectiveness of email marketing. However, feeding customer inboxes with frequent emails may turn them off. Two to three emails per month are enough to keep the customer informed about your brand.

Compatibility With Smart Devices

  • Creates a Personalized Experience

Business owners use emails to receive and respond to customer orders, complaints, and much more. The direct communication helps in establishing trust and even healthy relationships. As businesses create more and more relationships, more customers turn into the business. Ultimately, businesses end up having more loyal customers hence boosting their sales revenue. The customers can even attract more leads to the business through recommendations. 

  • High Returns on Investment

As mentioned earlier, email marketing is a relatively cheaper marketing strategy. With well-customized emails, you can easily attract more leads to your business. If your custom email ads resemble the products on your website or actual store, more customers will convert to your business. More buyers in the business would imply more sales. Given that you incurred less promotional costs, the returns on investment will be higher. Any business will work to maximize profits.

  • Measurable

Email marketing allows no room for guesswork. With the email marketing software, you can monitor who read your email, the number of clicked links, and the number of unsubscribed persons. As such, you can quickly gauge the performance of your email campaigns and make the necessary adjustments. Some email software will even allow you to benchmark your email marketing’s effectiveness against your competitors’. It is, thus, a strategy worth investing in.

As you can see, email marketing has many benefits that account for its relevance today. You can use it to achieve your business goals, given its lower cost and other benefits explained in the article. For effectiveness, ensure you supply your customers with SEO optimized emails for quick navigation to your main page.

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